Amazon Vendor Tool

PPC Management

Manage all your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns via AMALYTIX. Identify unprofitable search terms and move them to the negative list in seconds. By default we show all data for all campaigns. No tedious optimization of single campaigns.

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Amazon Vendor Dashboard

Keep your overview across all marketplaces: Revenues development, best performing products and much more.

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Product overview

See all your products’ most important metrics on one page and use our quick-filters to to find e.g. products which are currently not available.

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Product development over time

We store a history of the most important metrics on product level. This helps you to better understand recent developments over time. When have you been out of stock? How are your reviews developing? When did the content on the page change?

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Vendor Inventory

AMALYTIX keeps an eye on you inventory levels so you don’t have to. Find products which are at risk to run out of stock. Or find those items where there is too much stock within Amazon’s warehouses and are at risk to get sent back to you.

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Amazon reviews monitoring

As soon as your products are being monitored by AMALYTIX, all reviews are automatically monitored. In this way, you can keep a cross-marketplace view of your customer feedback. This will help you to identify opportunities to improve early and simplify your response to negative reviews. Every review can be marked with the status “new”, “in progress” or “closed” and given an internal comment.

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AMALYTIX keeps a permanent overview of important indicators and notifies you by email automatically if you wish. The existing alarms include buybox won/lost, new competitors on the listing, negative product evaluations received, negative seller ratings received, product listing changed, number of evaluations decreased, product no longer available (out of stock). You can find an overview of all alarms here.

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Your products’ search result positions have a crucial impact on the sales of your products. You can monitor the search results for your keywords with AMALYTIX. This enables you to quickly recognise ranking changes and track them retrospectively. We also provide powerful tools for keyword research both from a customer and competitor perspective.

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Amazon Keyword Tool

Use our keyword tool to quickly understand what people are searching for or which keywords your competitors are using on their listing.

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Download your Amazon data as CSV files and analyses them, e.g., in Microsoft Excel. AMALYTIX provides different reports which are not found in seller central.

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To-Do Lists

Keep your action items of your team in once place. Directly create to-dos out of e.g. negative reviews or our alerts. This way nothing gets forgotton.

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Customer questions

Customers make enquiries on the listing, which you can answer promptly. AMALYTIX keeps you up to date in respect of new customer questions.

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Vendor Medium

$ 99per month, paid for 12 months (yearly contract)
  • Up to 500 active products*
  • Free 14-day trial

Vendor Large

$ 149per month, paid for 12 months (yearly contract)
  • Up to 1.500 active products*
  • Free 14-day trial

Vendor Extra Large

$ 249per month, paid for 12 months (yearly contract)
  • Up to 5,000 active products*
  • 14-day free trial


on requestper month, paid for 12 months (yearly contract)
  • More than 5,000 products?

*1 active product = 1 ASIN per marketplace. Example: If you sell 2 products with 4 variations each on all markets (US, CA, MX) then you have 24 products in AMALYTIX. You can choose which products to include and which not.



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