Amazon Dashboard

Keep an overview of all marketplaces with the AMALYTIX dashboard: sales development and gross profits over time, top products, development of orders.

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Amazon Performance Analysis

Understand performance deviations (e.g. changes in revenues) in no time using our performance module. Compare different date ranges and compare changes on child ASIN, parent ASIN, brand or category level.

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Amazon Alerts

AMALYTIX keeps a permanent overview of important indicators and notifies you by email automatically if you wish. The existing alarms include buybox won/lost, new competitors on the listing, negative product evaluations received, negative seller ratings received, product listing changed, number of evaluations decreased, product no longer available (out of stock). You can find an overview of all alarms here.

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Product overview

You have an overview of all your products across marketplaces on the “Product Performance” (seller) page or on our “Watch List” (vendors). Use powerful filters to see the products you want to see. Use tags to categorize your products as you want.

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Product details

Follow all indicators over the course of time. You can get an overview at any time with simply kept charts and you will be able to interpret important developments retrospectively.

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Amazon reviews and customer questions

As soon as your products are being monitored by AMALYTIX, all reviews are automatically monitored. In this way, you can keep a cross-marketplace view of your customer feedback. This will help you to identify opportunities to improve early and simplify your response to negative reviews. Every review can be marked with the status “new”, “in progress” or “closed” and given an internal comment.

Same with questions from your potential customers: Customers make enquiries on the listing, which you can answer promptly. AMALYTIX keeps you up to date in respect of new customer questions.

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Seller feedback and performance

AMALYTIX automatically monitors all seller feedback on all marketplaces. Respond promptly to complaints to keep your seller performance in the green zone.

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Powerful reports incl. white-label reporting

Download your Amazon data as CSV files and analyses them, e.g., in Microsoft Excel. AMALYTIX provides different reports which are not found in seller central.

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Amazon PPC Management

Manage all your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns via AMALYTIX. Identify unprofitable search terms and move them to the negative list in seconds. By default we show all data for all campaigns. No tedious optimization of single campaigns.

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Amazon FBA Inventory Dashboard

Keep an overview of your FBA inventory situation. Define the minimum stock level, your minimum coverage and be notified promptly if stock falls below this. You will always see which products are becoming critical with the help of simple colour codings. We also check if you are eligable for any refunds due to any mistakes happened in the FBA warehouse. On top of that we keep an eye on your shipments to Amazon.

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Amazon Keyword-Rankings and Research

Your products’ search result positions have a crucial impact on the sales of your products. You can monitor the search results for your keywords with AMALYTIX. This enables you to quickly recognise ranking changes and track them retrospectively. We also provide powerful tools for keyword research both from a customer and competitor perspective.

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… and much more!

Monitor your promotions, track your competitors or manage your tasks with our internal To-Do-List.

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Amazon Seller App for iOS and Android

All alerts can also be seen in the free mobile app. This means you can see that all is well with your account even when you are on the go.

This feature is available for our European customers only at the moment.

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With AMALYTIX, we value the simple operation, the clarity, the dashboard functions and the ability to export data as CSV-files.
Patrick StuempflHead of Marketing & Sales Zollner24
We use AMALYTIX for monitoring our range and analysis of important indicators over time. I would not want to be without the transparency thus created.
Michal JankowskiProkurist M Plus Handels GmbH
AMALYTIX gives us Europe-wide product evaluations of our own brands.
Veronika EgerlovaSEO/SEM Specialist Gusti Leder GmbH