Amazon App for Sellers and Vendors

Amazon App for Sellers and Vendors

The new mobile app for AMALYTIX is available.

TL/DR: You can find the new app here: (opens new window)

AMALYTIX Smartphone App AMALYTIX Smartphone App

The existing apps for iOS and Android were no longer compatible with the new user model. Since it is also expensive for us to maintain two native apps in parallel, the new app is no longer accessible via the App Store, but via the browser of your smartphone via the URL (opens new window). You can add it as well to the homescreen of your phone. Afterwards, it just behaves like a native app.

We have also extended the range of functions. The following areas from AMALYTIX are now included in the app:

  • Overarching Dashboard (Vendor and Seller).
  • Seller performance dashboard incl. top 10 products
  • Notes
  • Reviews
  • Customer questions
  • Seller FBA
  • Access to multiple AMALYTIX accounts
  • Fresh design incl. Dark mode 😃
  • Multilingual

Just log in to the app with your existing credentials and check everything you want from your sofa.

Click here for the new app: (opens new window)

Since the old AMALYTIX App does not work anymore, you can delete it without hesitation.

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