Customer satisfaction

Seller performance

Here you will be shown your customer satisfaction values across the marketplaces. These values combine the FBA and FBM numbers.

AMALYTIX Screenshot

You will be shown the following values per marketplace:

  • Order deficiency rate(should be < 1%)
  • Cancellation rate (should be < 2.5%)
  • Late shipments rate (should be < 4%)
  • Contact reaction time (90% of all customer inquiries should be answered within 24 hours)
  • Punctual shipments rate
  • Compliance violations

The two last points are simply displayed in a general review by Amazon (Great, Marginal, Poor)

Ideally, the entire dashboard should be displayed in green.

Should the overall review of a dimension change, i.e. from "Great" to "Poor", a Note may be created for that purpose.

Seller feedback

On this page you will find all feedback you will receive as seller. The product feedback can be found here.

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Filter Relevant Feedback

If you wish to concentrate on neutral and negative feedback, simply filter out all 4 or 5 stars feedback by setting the filter accordingly (1).

Filter New Feedback

You may attach a status to each review (New, Being Processed or Completed). This way you may hide the feedback you are already aware of (2).

Sort according to Date / Review

Filter the feedback according to date (newest feedback first) or according to review (worst review first). Simply click several times in order to change the sorting sequence from ascending to descending and vice versa.

Status Change

If you actively keep track of feedback, you may update the current status via three statuses (3), always granting you or other coworkers an overview over which feedback are new, being processed or have been completed.

Respond to Feedback

In order to respond to a seller review, simply go to point 4 where you will find a direct link to the page in Seller Central in order to call up the individual review.

Translate Feedback

With regard to foreign feedback, click on Translate (5) and you will be shown an automated translation.

Internal Alerts

If necessary, you may make further alerts only you will get to see, i.e. document agreements and the subsequent result for every review (6).