# Amazon Vendor Dashboard

# Overview Vendor Key Figures

Amalytix Vendor Dashboard

We display various key figures about your vendor account on the Vendor Dashboard.

# Filter options

You can set the following filters:

Amalytix Vendor Dashboard Filter Options

# Amazon Markets

Amalytix Vendor Dashboard markets

The markets overview presents briefly and crucial key figures in comparison.

So you can have a look at the different key figures: Units, Free Replacement Units, Units Received Back, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), and Unit Cost.

# Amazon Top 10 Products

Here we show the parent or child products with the highest revenue or sales values.

Amalytix Top 10 Products

Important note: The Top 10 lists currently only respond to the date filter.

# Sales per day/hour

By clicking on "Sales per day/hour" in the top bar, you will receive a detailed breakdown of your revenue on an hourly basis:

Amalytix Sales per day/hour

You can view the following metrics on an hourly basis:

  • Conversion rate
  • Glance views
  • Ordered revenue
  • Ordered units

You can individually toggle the display of each period using the selection option in the top right corner.

This feature allows you to analyze your revenue on a very granular level. It makes it easier to identify trends and peak sales times, as well as adjust strategies to boost revenue.