With the aid of this tool you will be able to keep an eye on all product reviews across the marketplaces, positive as well as negative. Successful sellers follow a clear strategy how to deal with negative reviews. AMALYTIX provides support in quickly identifying reviews as well as the processing of such. We also recommend to set up the appropriate note "Received Negative Review", in order to be quickly informed about neutral (3 stars) and negative (1 or 2 stars) reviews.

Here are the most important tips:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

Filter Relevant Reviews

If you wish to concentrate on neutral or negative reviews, simply filter out all 4 or 5 star reviews by setting the filter accordingly.

Filter New Reviews

You may attribute a status to each review: (New, Being Processed or Complete). This way you will be able to disregard any reviews you are already aware of.

Sort According to Date / Review

Filter reviews according to date (newest review first) or according to review (worst review first), for instance. Simply click several times in order to change the sorting sequence from ascending to descending or vice versa.

Status Change

If you actively keep track of reviews, you may update the current status via three statuses, always granting you or other coworkers an overview over which reviews are new, being processed or have been completed.

Check the statistics

Click on "Show charts" to see your review development over time:

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