Amazon Content Monitoring

We give you back control over your products.

All products. All markets. 24/7 monitoring.

Daily monitoring

All products are monitored once a day, capturing the relevant elements of the product detail page, just as the customer sees it.

  • Keep an eye on important listing elements

    All essential elements of a listing are displayed clearly. Powerful filtering options help you find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Notice changes quickly

    All changes are clearly displayed to you, or you are notified in the form of alerts.

Daily monitoring

Quick and easy assessment of listing quality

With our 'Listing Quality Index' (LQI), you can easily determine the effectiveness of your listings.

  • Configure according to your own specifications

    You decide what's important to you and what you expect from your listings. AMALYTIX evaluates each listing according to your specifications and assigns a score between 0-100.

  • Quickly recognize potential

    Based on the LQI, you immediately see where improvements can be made. Filter and sort with a few clicks to identify untapped potential.

Quick and easy assessment of listing quality

Amazon SEO. Simple. And fast.

Integrated keyword research

AMALYTIX knows all relevant keywords and supports you in keyword research and optimization

  • Intelligent suggestions

    Based on your top keywords, AMALYTIX identifies suitable additional keywords and shows you which keywords are missing in your listing.

  • 1-click submission to Amazon

    One click is all it takes and your optimization is transferred to Seller or Vendor Central. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Integrated keyword research

AI support integrated

We work with OpenAI's latest models, e.g., ChatGPT

  • Predefined AI assistants

    Ask ChatGPT for alternative wording suggestions, for a translation, or for more keyword ideas.

  • Own assistants tailored to your needs

    Create your own AI assistants, tailored to your needs. Your listing data is supplemented.

AI support integrated

Simple target/actual comparisons

You set the standards

You tell AMALYTIX what's right, AMALYTIX tells you where Amazon deviates from your specifications.

  • Define titles, bullet points & co.

    Specify how your listing should look. Whether title, images, or variants: you define what you expect here.

  • Update via bulk upload

    Create individual snapshots based on the ACTUAL state or upload them in bulk via an Excel file.

You set the standards

Upload snapshots with one click

Deviations in the title for 12 products? Select the products and upload them to Amazon with one mouse click.

  • Whether individual listings ...

    Update your listing directly after optimization on the AMALYTIX detail page.

  • ... or several listings at once

    Filter the relevant products and upload them in bulk.

Upload snapshots with one click

Comprehensive statistics

Keep an overview

Even with many products on different markets, you always keep an overview thanks to AMALYTIX.

  • Powerful filtering functions

    Analyze selected product groups: Filter by brands, countries, and/or self-assigned tags.

  • Find the needle in the haystack

    No product can hide from you. AMALYTIX quickly shows you where action is needed.

Keep an overview

Individual dashboards

Track your optimization measures over time.

  • A variety of representations

    Whether table, line chart, or histogram. You define what's important to you and what you want to see.

  • Powerful filters

    Keep selected products in view. Whether new products, agency services, or top sellers. This way, no misdevelopments remain hidden.

Individual dashboards

Not just text. Also images.

Recognize deviations at a glance

Keeping an overview of your images has never been so easy

  • Consistent presentation

    The same ASIN in different markets? The images of a product family? With one click, you recognize where there are deviations in your images.

  • Quickly identify differences

    Compare the images and filter by parent or child ASIN to quickly identify differences.

Recognize deviations at a glance

Central image storage

Store your images in AMALYTIX to distribute them to other products via drag & drop.

  • Download existing images ...

    With one click, you save the existing images in AMALYTIX.

  • ... and rearrange them

    Adjust the images via drag & drop and with another click, update them on Amazon.

Central image storage

A+ (Premium) Content and brand stories

Monitoring your A+ elements

Finally, everything at a glance. And not scattered across multiple accounts or countries.

  • Translate A+ content easily

    Select one or more A+ elements and transfer them to other marketplaces. The translation is done directly with DeepL. Try that in Seller/Vendor Central :)

  • 1-click validation

    AMALYTIX immediately shows you where there are problems with formulations not desired by Amazon. Fix these in AMALYTIX and start the transfer again.

Monitoring your A+ elements

Never lose touch with alerts

Finally ahead of the wave again

With our alerts, you'll know about any issues before your boss does.

  • Flexible rule set

    You decide what you want to be notified about. Our powerful filters leave nothing to be desired.

  • Over 100 events 24/7 in view

    From title changes, outdated A+ comparison tables to alerts about Chinese sellers attaching themselves to your listing. We cover all use-cases.

Finally ahead of the wave again

Email, Slack, or app? You decide.

With our alerts, you'll never overlook important news again

  • Know what's going on.

    By 9 am you already have it in your mailbox. Our email with the changes of the last 24 hours. This is how you start your day prepared.

  • No more surprises

    You simply respond to the email from your attentive colleagues: 'Already known. We're on it!'

Email, Slack, or app? You decide.

Data from professionals for professionals

Comprehensive reports

Download all data for individual analyses.

  • All data available at the click of a button

    Missing a specific analysis? Download the data of your products and start Excel. There are few data we do not capture.

  • Your BI system will love us

    Create automatic reports and send them to your BI system. Your data team will not want to miss it.

Comprehensive reports
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Frequently asked questions and answers

We currently support the regions of Europe and North America with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


AMALYTIX offers much more

With AMALYTIX, you get an all-in-one solution for optimizing your Amazon marketplace activities. And that without extra costs.

  • Monitor customer questions

    In addition to reviews, we also keep an eye on all customer questions on the listing.

  • Monitor seller feedback

    As a marketplace seller, we also monitor your seller feedback.

  • Monitor listing changes

    If titles, bullet points, or images suddenly change. We'll let you know.

  • All numbers in view

    And by the way, you also get powerful controlling functions included.

A selection of satisfied customers

AMALYTIX works with large and small brands to make their lives easier.

  • Florian Pfister

    Florian Pfister

    Key Account Manager e-Commerce

    Spectrum Brands

    With the help of AMALYTIX, we monitor our brand portfolio. In particular, the content monitoring and the notice of possible plagiarisms support us.

  • Klaus Forsthofer

    Klaus Forsthofer



    We use AMALYTIX within the agency to monitor the products of our consulting clients. AMALYTIX provides valuable data for daily work.

  • Estelle Dietrich

    Estelle Dietrich

    E-Commerce Manager


    Thanks to AMALYTIX, we keep track of our Amazon activities. The sophisticated alert module has become indispensable in our daily routine.

  • Benjamin Bublat

    Benjamin Bublat

    Managing Director

    Due to the high number of items in our assortment, we have them monitored automatically. The time saved is now invested in optimizing our products.

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