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Would you like to have an Amazon specialist in your team who works for you around the clock? Even on weekends? You found him.

Amazon Content Monitoring

Monitor your customers' content ...

You have painstakingly optimized the products and now you want to make sure the content stays as it is.

  • Listing monitoring at product level

    We check all important content elements once a day. Per product, we indicate where you need to look more closely.

  • Listing Quality Index

    For each content element you can specify concrete rules. In return, you receive a score between 0 and 100 for each product, allowing you to quickly identify products with potential.

Monitor your customers' content ...

... and detect changes at a glance

You've painstakingly optimized your customers' products and now you want to make sure your work isn't lost.

  • Content changes do not go unnoticed

    Store in AMALYTIX the target state for each listing. AMALYTIX then compares this with the current state in the Amazon catalog. Deviations will be highlighted.

... and detect changes at a glance

Amazon Alerts

Your new employee who never sleeps

AMALYTIX monitors over 100 different features and keeps your team informed.

  • Extensive list of available alerts

    From buybox losses to unusual order volume. For each alert AMALYTIX provides additional information.

  • No matter if Seller or Vendor ...

    Has a vendor's replenishment code changed or a seller's performance deteriorated? Your new Amazon specialist won't miss a thing.

Your new employee who never sleeps

You decide who receives what

While Amazon floods you with emails, with AMALYTIX you decide who gets what information. This way, every email becomes relevant.

  • Detailed rule concept

    You can specify in detail for which products for which changes should be monitored. And who has to be informed in case of an event. This way you are always one information ahead of your customer.

  • Email or Slack?

    Get your alerts conveniently emailed to your inbox or posted to your Slack channel. This is also a great way to keep entire teams in the loop.

You decide who receives what

Always listen to what the customer says

Reviews and customer questions

Monitor your customers' products for new reviews and listing questions.

  • Detect and deal with negative reviews

    Be the first to know when a customer has had a bad experience and respond immediately. Your customer will thank you.

  • Listing questions

    Help your customers answer open questions and at the same time find out what information your customers' customers are missing from the listing.

Reviews and customer questions

Amazon Advertising

Reporting for professionals

The Advertising module in AMALYTIX simplifies repetitive tasks that you search in vain in the Amazon advertising console.

  • Powerful filtering options

    Create your own filters to filter your campaigns or search terms according to your preferences. You will always get all data across campaigns.

  • Negative keywords created with one click

    Find underperforming keywords or product targets with a few clicks and put them on the negative list with two clicks.

Reporting for professionals

Amazon Rankings and Visibility

Customized Visibility Index

You store your keyword set, we determine the development of visibility.

  • Product Rankings

    Every week we determine the keyword rankings of your products. So you and your customers can see whether your optimizations are crowned with success.

  • Store your own keyword set

    AMALYTIX monitors only the keywords that are relevant for you. We don't think much of irrelevant visibility index.

Customized Visibility Index

Our data - your dashboards

Your analysts will be happy

Create individual reports and analyses for your customers. All data is neatly prepared and available.

  • Variety of reports

    If our dashboards are not enough, then we provide you with your data in raw format. This will give you the basis for your analyses.

  • You like pivot tables?

    So do we! We provide our data in such a way that they can be easily processed further in Excel & Co.

Your analysts will be happy

Flexible pricing for agencies

We understand that customers come and go. With AMALYTIX, you have a flexible partner at your side.

All inclusive

As an agency, you get full access to all modules. You only pay for the customers you serve. Vendor or seller or both: we cover it. Every account is just a click away.

Paid for among other things

  • Content and review monitoring

  • Alert module

  • Advertising module

  • Detailed role and rights management

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A selection of satisfied customers

AMALYTIX works with big and small brands to make their lives easier.

  • Florian Pfister

    Florian Pfister

    Key Account Manager e-Commerce

    Spectrum Brands

    With the help of AMALYTIX we monitor our brand portfolio. Here, we are supported in particular by the content monitoring as well as the indication of possible plagiarism.

  • Petra Slomke

    Petra Slomke

    Head of eCommerce

    Omnicom Media Group - Transact

    We create high-quality Amazon content for our customers. AMALYTIX helps us to monitor this. We can thus correct unwanted changes quickly.

  • Estelle Dietrich

    Estelle Dietrich

    E-Commerce Manager


    Thanks to AMALYTIX we keep track of our Amazon activities. It's hard to imagine our daily routine without the sophisticated alert module.

  • Benjamin Bublat

    Benjamin Bublat

    Managing Director

    Due to the high number of items in our range, we have them monitored automatically. We are now investing the time this saves in optimizing our products.

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