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More Control Over Your Business

A Sophisticated Amazon Dashboard for Vendors

AMALYTIX fully integrates Brand Analytics data. Filter as you see fit and select manufacturer and sales views freely.

  • Cross-marketplace insights

    Access relevant data across all markets under one roof, meaning less time spent in Vendor Central.

  • Intuitive filters

    With AMALYTIX, you never need to worry about complex spreadsheets. Now, you can easily analyze your portfolio with up-to-the-minute data, in real-time, filtering by brand, tags, and date.

A Sophisticated Amazon Dashboard for Vendors

Simple Price monitoring

Let AMALYTIX monitor all market participants, Amazon included, revealing price-pressured products so you can take action ASAP.

  • Monitor marketplace sellers

    See how Amazon and Marketplace sellers offer products, now and in the past.

  • Turn back time

    View the historical data of other sellers to find out if they are exerting price pressure on your products.

Simple Price monitoring

Amazon Content Monitoring

Analyze and improve listing quality

AMALYTIX is your new best employee, working around-the-clock even while you sleep. From titles to content to CTAs, AMALYTIX delivers valuable optimization tips to help you grow your business.

  • Listing Quality Index

    With AMALYTIX, you are in control. Depending on how you want your content to look, including title lengths, AMALYTIX will calculate the Listing Quality Index (LQI) for your full product portfolio.

  • Product Level Monitoring

    Maximize your expenditure by viewing everything about every product’s activity, all in one row.

Analyze and improve listing quality

Advanced Monitoring

Analyze and compare listings from one day to the next.

  • Knowledge is power

    We compare your listings with the previous day or a target status defined by you. If there is a deviation, you will be informed first.

  • Avoid bad keywords

    Every business on Amazon wants to avoid warnings. This means avoiding risky keywords in your industry. Once you’ve added these to AMALYTIX, the system can check each listing for them.

Advanced Monitoring

Amazon Alerts - Stay in-the-Know

With Amazon Alerts, you can prevent problems before they even occur

AMALYTIX uses advanced technology and intelligence to effectively monitor 100+ potential Amazon incidents on your behalf. With AMALYTIX, nothing goes unseen.

  • Product alerts

    Get notified whenever there is a drop in sales, if stock running low, if your business has any new reviews, or if you have new customer queries to look at. You’ll also get alerts regarding variant relationship alterations.

With Amazon Alerts, you can prevent problems before they even occur

Stay in Charge

Gain critical support without losing control. AMALYTIX empowers you to define granular rules with certainty and confidence. Choose who knows about product and brand changes, and how they find out.

  • Easy rule-setting

    Set rules in seconds and select who gets alerts. You can also choose which alerts should be monitored, and which markets, brands, and products require ongoing observation.

  • E-Mail or Slack?

    Whether your business relies on email, Slack, or something else, simply let AMALYTIX know where you want your notifications to be sent.

Stay in Charge

Customer feedback

Reviews and ratings

AMALYTIX lets you know if new reviews and comments come in, so you can respond and resolve issues promptly.

  • Respond rapidly

    Negative reviews are dangerous for businesses, but with AMALYTIX’s help, you’ll know the second reviews come in - even while you sleep. This empowers you to respond and resolve with speed.

  • See comments immediately

    If there are any new comments on your comments, AMALYTIX will bring them to your attention.

Reviews and ratings

Customer questions

AMALYTIX lets you know whenever customers ask questions on your listing or rate you as a business.

  • Questions

    If your listing is missing something, you can fix it immediately with AMALYTIX’s help. You can also respond to queries as and when they come in.

Customer questions


Your Exclusive Vendor Inventory Dashboard

Track your Amazon inventory (and returns) with confidence.

  • Excess inventory + coverage range

    Avoid going out of stock with access to critical inventory information. Avoid awkward surprises, unnecessary returns and losses, and stock embarrassment.

  • Return rate

    See which products have an above-average return rate at a glance.

Your Exclusive Vendor Inventory Dashboard

Amazon Marketing

Sponsored Ads

While Vendor Central has limited evaluation options, AMALYTIX gives your power back.

  • Tailored filters

    Create custom filters to sift through search terms or campaigns.

  • One-click negative keyword creation

    While many businesses and brands on Amazon fail to dedicate enough energy to negative keywords, AMALYTIX helps you rise above the competition. Surface weak keywords and add them to your list in seconds, making sure you never waste your budget on uninterested consumers.

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Amazon Rankings and Visibility

AMALYTIX Visibility Index

Where is your business showing up on Amazon search results? Is it showing at all? With this powerful indicator and critical SEO tool, visibility changes will be brought to your attention - portfolio-wide.

  • Help your best products shine

    Discover what’s gaining traction and what’s losing momentum on a weekly basis.

  • Monitor YOUR keywords

    Use AMALYTIX to store your personal keyword set and access more relevant ranking analyses.

AMALYTIX Visibility Index

Amazon Keyword Research

Let AMALYTIX research and provide high-volume keywords in your industry to shape and shake up your listings.

  • Meet demand

    Give your existing and potential customers what they want, by knowing what they’re searching for.

  • Surpass the competition

    AMALYTIX finds the keywords your most successful competitors are using, so your business can do the same.

Amazon Keyword Research


Find your plan

Whether your business is well-established or just starting up, every brand needs support to succeed. Explore our packages below to grow on Amazon, with AMALYTIX.



$359 /Month *
  • Up to 500 products

  • 14 day free trial

  • Contract period: 12 months

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$529 /Month *
  • Up to 1.500 products

  • Up to 3 team members

  • Custom dashboards

  • Update listings on Amazon

  • AI Assistants

  • Digital Shelf

  • 3P price monitoring

  • Personal onboarding

  • 14 day free trial

  • Contract period: 12 months


$769 /Month *
  • Up to 5.000 products

  • Up to 10 team members

  • 14 day free trial

  • Contract period: 12 months


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  • 5.000 - 100.000 products

  • Invite team members

  • 14 day free trial

  • Contract period: 12 months

Quotes from happy customers

We work with both small and large brands to make their life easier.

  • Florian Pfister

    Florian Pfister

    Key Account Manager e-Commerce

    Spectrum Brands

    With the help of AMALYTIX we monitor our brand portfolio. Here, we are particularly like the content monitoring features and alerts on possible plagiarism.

  • Estelle Dietrich

    Estelle Dietrich

    E-Commerce Manager


    Thanks to AMALYTIX we keep track of our Amazon activities. The sophisticated alert module has become an integral part of our daily routine.

  • Petra Slomke

    Petra Slomke

    Head of eCommerce

    Omnicom Media Group – Transact

    For our customers we create high-quality content. AMALYTIX enables us to monitor our work and notfies us about unintentional changes.

  • Qendrim Ademi

    Qendrim Ademi

    Key Account Manager


    AMALYTIX is a real all-round tool for us. We use it from monitoring customer feedback to monitoring success. The support is excellent.

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