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With close to 3M sellers battling it out on Amazon, it’s clear to see that competition is fierce. If you want to rise above the crowd while gaining more visibility into how your products are doing (and how to target the right buyers), look no further than AMALYTIX, the Amazon tool you can’t sell without!

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More Control. Less Worry.

Meet Your New Amazon Dashboard

From revenues to net profits, your new dashboard delivers an instant overview of all your financial KPIs, across all markets. Easily filter by market, date, or product. With AMALYTIX, the power is in your hands.

  • Cross-marketplace insights

    Access critical data in one place, without the need to endlessly raid seller central.

  • Easy filters

    Leave complex spreadsheets where they belong - in the past - and easily analyze your portfolio with up-to-the-minute data, in real-time.

  • Every penny accounted for

    Scrutinize every facet of every Amazon transaction, from gross revenues to FBA fees and beyond.

Meet Your New Amazon Dashboard

Performance Management - Simplified

How are your sales and profits compared to last year’s? Use the module Seller Analysis feature to dig deep into the insights and data you need to know about.

  • Compare

    Explore important data from the last 18 months of business. AMALYTIX downloads period data automatically.

  • Revenue changes?

    Understand where revenue changes are coming from by grouping products by brand, marketplace, product family, or child product.

Performance Management - Simplified

Amazon Content Monitoring

Monitor your Amazon Listing Quality

Easily observe and dissect the quality of your listings. AMALYTIX is like the star employee you’ve always wanted, one that needs no sleep (or caffeine) to monitor every detail of every listing around-the-clock. From titles to content to images, you’ll also get invaluable optimization tips to make a good thing better.

  • Listing Quality Index

    With AMALYTIX, YOU make the rules. Depending on how you want your content to look, including title lengths, AMALYTIX will calculate the Listing Quality Index (LQI) for all products in your portfolio.

  • Product level monitoring

    What’s working? What’s not? See everything you need to know about your listing in one row.

Monitor your Amazon Listing Quality

Advanced Monitoring

Want to know how your listing did today, compared to yesterday? AMALYTIX, you’ll know.

  • Knowledge is power

    Whenever there’s a change in content, you’ll know about it - first.

  • Avoid bad keywords

    Avoiding warnings means NO fake promises, and you’ll need to steer clear of certain “risky” keywords in your industry. Once you’ve told AMALYTIX what these are, she can check every listing with a fine-tooth comb (daily).

Advanced Monitoring

Amazon Alerts

Don’t be the Last to Know

With Amazon Alerts, you can prevent problems before they become problems. AMALYTIX is smart, monitoring 100+ potential Amazon incidents on your behalf. With AMALYTIX, nothing is swept under the rug.

  • Product alerts

    Are sales dropping? Is stock running low? Got new reviews? Customer queries? Variant relationship alterations? With AMALYTIX, you’ll be notified as and when adverse circumstances arise.

  • Account issues

    Bad feedback? Important enquiry? Account performance compromised? Get important alerts that keep you in-the-know.

Don’t be the Last to Know

Take the Reins

AMALYTIX empowers you to define granular rules with certainty. YOU choose who knows about product and brand changes. YOU decide how they find out. YOU are in charge.

  • Easy rule-setting

    Don’t just set rules. Pick who gets alerts, which alerts are monitored, and which markets, brands, and products need observation.

  • Your alerts, your way

    Use old-school email? Prefer to keep everyone on the same page via Slack? Tell AMALYTIX where you want your notifications to be sent, and your wish is her command.

Take the Reins

Customer Feedback

Reviews and ratings

New reviews? Stop tossing and turning and start learning what’s flying in. AMALYTIX lets you know the second new reviews and comments come in, so you can respond and resolve promptly.

  • Respond rapidly

    Negative reviews wreak havoc - and what if they come in overnight while you’re asleep? With AMALYTIX’s help, you’ll know the second reviews come in - so you too can have your say.

  • Hawk-eye

    Never miss a comment on your comment again. Ever.

Reviews and ratings

Customer Questions? Seller Feedback?

AMALYTIX keeps no secrets, letting you know whenever customers ask questions on your listing or rate you as a seller.

  • Questions

    Clear the air before it turns sour. If your listing is missing something, you can fix it in a flash.

  • Seller feedback

    Bad feedback? Sort it out before the world sees it.

Customer Questions? Seller Feedback?


Your New Amazon FBA Dashboard

Manage your FBA warehouse with confidence.

  • Weeks of coverage

    Using sales velocity as a benchmark, AMALYTIX swiftly determines coverage range in days. If you reach a critical threshold, you’ll know.

  • Conquer costs

    Which products are draining your budget or sitting in storage for too long? Are you at risk of paying a hefty long-term storage fee? AMALYTIX has the answers you seek.

Your New Amazon FBA Dashboard

Amazon Marketing

Sponsored Brands and Products

In Seller Central, the evaluation options are limited. We will give you back the overview here.

  • Tailored filters

    Create custom filters to sift through search terms or campaigns as and when you need to.

  • One-click negative keyword creation

    Don’t be like most Amazon sellers who fail to dedicate enough energy to negative keywords. Find weak keywords and add them to your list in seconds, making sure you never waste your ad spend on uninterested consumers.

Sponsored Brands and Products

Promotions and discounts

Need to evaluate your coupon campaigns in Seller Central? Chances are, you’re looking in all the wrong places. Let AMALYTIX calculate campaign turnover on your behalf, giving you one less thing to fret about.

Promotions and discounts

Rankings and Visibility

AMALYTIX Visibility Index

Where are you showing up on Amazon search results? Are you even showing at all? With this powerful indicator and critical SEO tool, you’ll know about visibility changes portfolio-wide.

  • Make your stars shine

    Discover what’s gaining traction and what’s losing momentum on a weekly basis.

  • Monitor keywords

    Use AMALYTIX to store your personal keyword set and access more relevant ranking analyses.

AMALYTIX Visibility Index

Keyword Research

Let AMALYTIX surface high-volume keywords in your industry to shape and shake up your listings.

  • Feed demand

    Be the hero - give your customers what they want by knowing what they’re searching for.

  • Crush the competition

    Let AMALYTIX do some digging to unearth the keywords your most successful competitors are using, and why you should care.

Keyword Research


Your perfect plan awaits

Whether you’re new to the jungle or established your authority long ago, everyone needs a leg up in the right direction. Explore our packages below to grow on Amazon, with AMALYTIX.



$89 /Month
17% discount if paid yearly
  • Up to 500 products

  • 14 day free trial

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$179 /Month
17% discount if paid yearly
  • Up to 1.500 products

  • Update listings on Amazon

  • Access to Session and Conversion Data

  • Invite team members

  • Personal onboarding

  • 14 day free trial


$299 /Month
17% discount if paid yearly
  • Up to 5.000 products

  • Invite team members

  • All features from the large plan

  • 14 day free trial


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17% discount if paid yearly
  • 5.000 - 100.000 products

  • Invite team members

  • All features from the extra-large plan

  • 14 day free trial

Yearly payment (17% Discount)

Quotes from happy customers

We work with both small and large brands to make their life easier.

  • Florian Pfister

    Florian Pfister

    Key Account Manager e-Commerce

    Spectrum Brands

    With the help of AMALYTIX we monitor our brand portfolio. Here, we are particularly like the content monitoring features and alerts on possible plagiarism.

  • Klaus Forsthofer

    Klaus Forsthofer



    We use AMALYTIX within the agency to monitor the products of our consulting clients. AMALYTIX provides valuable data for our daily work.

  • Estelle Dietrich

    Estelle Dietrich

    E-Commerce Manager


    Thanks to AMALYTIX we keep track of our Amazon activities. The sophisticated alert module has become an integral part of our daily routine.

  • Benjamin Bublat

    Benjamin Bublat


    Due to the large number of products in our assortment, we have them monitored automatically. We are now investing the time saved in the optimization of our products.

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