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AMALYTIX Affiliate Partner Program

06/07/2023 • Reading time: ca. 11 min • by Trutz Fries

Earn up to €779.00 per Referral

Invite customers to us and earn a commission for each successful referral.

Joining our affiliate partner program is absolutely free and registration is straightforward, with no technical prerequisites required.

Why should you become an AMALYTIX Affiliate Partner?

The AMALYTIX Affiliate Program provides industry-leading incentives to fuel your success as an affiliate. Here's a glimpse of your potential earnings:

Benefits for you as an Affiliate Partner

  • Upon a successful referral, you will earn 10% of the first year's net sales following the completion of the free trial period. If the customer upgrades, your compensation will correspondingly increase.
  • For instance, with a Vendor Plan XL, your earnings would be €779.00.
  • For a Seller Plan XL, your potential earnings would be €249.00.

Benefits for Prospective Customers

  • Prospective customers enjoy an extended 4-week AMALYTIX free trial, doubling the usual 2-week period.
  • Throughout these 4 weeks, they receive comprehensive customer support and personalized follow-ups tracking their progress with the trial and our tool.
  • Consequently, our partner program offers enticing incentives for both you and the new customers you introduce.

Ideal Candidates for our AMALYTIX Affiliate Partner Program

eCommerce Influencers

If you garner a multitude of likes on your posts or maintain an active social media presence (blog, podcast, YouTube), referring AMALYTIX to your followers could be a lucrative source of extra income. We can even support you with customized content for your social media channels, allowing you to provide exclusive value to your audience.

eCommerce Agencies and Media Networks

If you are an agency working with Amazon Sellers and Vendors and seek to offer a top-notch solution for monitoring activities on the Amazon Marketplace, our program could be a perfect fit. Enhance your revenue and offer additional value to your clients with our 4-week free trial.

eCommerce Consultants

This program is ideal for those searching for solutions and solving problems for multiple Sellers or Vendors. Earn extra income by recommending our solution to your clients.

AMALYTIX Customers and Advocates

If you already appreciate AMALYTIX and discuss it with your friends at every opportunity, why not get compensated for it?

eCommerce Trainers & Academies

Our program is perfect for anyone who serves as a speaker or trainer in the Amazon Marketplace education field, conducting training, workshops, and seminars.

Amazon Sellers and Vendors

If you're an existing Amazon Seller or Vendor looking to earn some extra money, recommend our tool to others and earn additional income.

eCommerce Executives & Industry Leaders

If you're a successful professional and executive in the Amazon Marketplace business with an extensive network, consider recommending AMALYTIX to your contacts. This can create added value for both you and your network.

Get started today

1. Submit Your Application

Filling out the Affiliate Partner application only takes a few minutes of your time.

2. Await Confirmation

After you submit your application, expect a response within 48 hours.

3. Begin earning

Upon approval, you will receive your unique affiliate partner code. Start recommending AMALYTIX and earning money right away.

Join as an AMALYTIX Affiliate Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions


AMALYTIX is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool for vendors and sellers on Amazon. It is used globally by agencies to monitor their clients' product portfolios. The software is well-known for its advanced monitoring and alert system as well as for content tracking. Both small and large brands use AMALYTIX to access the information they need.

Why should I become an AMALYTIX Affiliate Partner?

The AMALYTIX Affiliate Program offers industry-leading conditions to set you up for success. Here's a glimpse of your earning potential:

Benefits for Affiliates:

  • You'll earn 10% of the customer’s subscription fee or the net annual revenue for the first 12 months after the free trial period. Your payment increases if they upgrade their plan.
    • For example, with a Vendor Plan XL, this would be €779.00.
    • For example, with a Seller Plan L, this would be €249.00.

Benefits for Customers:

  • New customers receive a 4-week AMALYTIX trial period, doubling the usual 2-week duration.
  • During these 4 weeks, they will receive comprehensive customer support and personalized follow-ups regarding their trial progress.
  • Our affiliate program, therefore, provides compelling incentives for both you and the new customers you refer. Please note: this benefit only applies to customers referred via a coupon code. Therefore, prospective customers must enter the coupon code during registration; otherwise, the usual 2-week trial period applies.

How can I sign up as an AMALYTIX Affiliate?

  1. Contact us and apply for the affiliate program.
  2. We will review your application and get back to you. If approved, we will welcome you into our program.
  3. We will generate your unique affiliate partner code, which you can share with potential new customers. This allows us to directly recognize which prospective customer came to us through your referral.
  4. Referred customers must enter the affiliate code during registration to benefit from the extended 4-week trial period.
  5. Once a successful purchase and the first payment have been made by the new customer, you send us an invoice for the commission plus VAT. We will transfer the amount to your bank account or via PayPal.

Who should apply for the AMALYTIX Affiliate Program?

In general, we welcome anyone with an audience in the eCommerce space or anyone starting to build one to join the AMALYTIX Affiliate Program. If you are an expert or business owner specializing in eCommerce and/or Amazon, you'd be a perfect fit. Our affiliate partners include Amazon sellers, Amazon vendors, website owners, influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, media buyers, speakers, eCommerce experts, marketers, agencies, and consultants.

Do you offer any discounts for my audience or followers?

Yes, we do. As part of our program, you'll receive a unique affiliate code to share with your audience and followers. By using this code, they can avail of an extended 4-week AMALYTIX free trial period, instead of the usual 2 weeks. Throughout this period, they'll receive comprehensive customer support and personalized follow-ups regarding their trial progress and use of our tool. Hence, our affiliate program offers strong incentives for both you and your referred customers.

Can I try AMALYTIX before recommending it to my Network?

Absolutely. We offer a 14-day free trial period. Follow this link to register. To get a quick overview of our tool and its features, feel free to watch the videos on our Youtube channel.

Is technical integration necessary to be an AMALYTIX Affiliate Partner?

No, technical integration isn't necessary. Our process is straightforward. You'll receive a unique affiliate code to share within your network. As soon as a referral uses your code to register and signs up for a paid plan, we can assign the commission to you. All you need to do is distribute and promote your affiliate code.

Can I promote AMALYTIX sing Google Ads or any other kind of PPC?

No, we don't allow promotions via Google Ads or any other form of PPC advertising.

How and when do I get paid?

Upon the successful purchase and initial payment by a new customer, you’ll receive a commission equivalent to 10% of the customer’s annual net subscription for the first 12 months following the free trial period. Your commission increases if they upgrade their plan. There is no maximum cap on referral commissions. You simply send us an invoice for the commission plus VAT after the new customer's successful purchase and first payment, and we transfer the amount to your bank account or via PayPal.

Is there a minimum payout?

No. If you earn a commission, we pay you.

Will I be paid if a customer receives a refund?

No, if a customer receives a refund, they're not considered a qualified customer, and you won't receive a commission.

Are there any requirements for the program?

We expect all our affiliate partners to operate with integrity and comply with our terms and conditions. Commissions won't be awarded for:

  • Self-signups or personal account registrations
  • Leads generated through unapproved PPC advertising
  • Self-created discounts or coupons that don't reflect AMALYTIX's brand values

Will I have a support team?

Yes, you'll have a dedicated Account Manager to assist you as you begin your journey as our Affiliate Partner.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for the Affiliate Partner Program?

You can find the terms and conditions for participating in the affiliate partner program here →.

I have another question not covered in the FAQs

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