Amazon Digital Shelf

Illuminate your competition on Amazon with Digital Shelf analyes from AMALYTIX

Understand categories in detail

AMALYTIX analyzes the top brands and products on Amazon based on keywords.

  • Analyze your competition

    Compare your products with competing products or brands

  • See your own brand directly compared to your competitors

    Receive important metrics from other brands such as revenue or visibility

Understand categories in detail

Identify competitor products

AMALYTIX analyzes all products in the respective category and prepares relevant data clearly.

  • Get metrics on the revenue of these products...

    The analysis in our Digital Shelf gives you all sorts of important metrics, such as the revenue of the analyzed products

  • well as visibility or marketing actions

    Who is running advertising, deals, or coupons? AMALYTIX shows it to you

Identify competitor products

Understand Buybox shares

In the Buybox tab, you get information about the Buybox and other relevant metrics.

  • Buybox analysis and price distribution...

    See which merchants currently have the Buybox and what the price distribution of the products you analyzed looks like.

  • well as fulfillment and promotions

    See statistical data that provides metrics on which products are marketed via FBA or FBM and what percentage of products have promotions or not.

Understand Buybox shares

Content analyses and rating distribution

AMAYLTIX provides you with clear data on content quality and rating distribution

  • Content analysis

    How well are the competition's products optimized? Who is switching A+ Premium?

  • Ratings and reviews

    Access statistics on the distribution of ratings and compare them with your products

Content analyses and rating distribution
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We currently support the regions of Europe and North America with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Everything included

AMALYTIX can do much more

With AMALYTIX, you get an all-in-one solution to optimize your Amazon marketplace activities. And that without additional costs.

  • Monitor customer questions

    In addition to the reviews, we also keep an eye on all customer questions on the listing.

  • Monitor seller feedback

    As a marketplace seller, we also monitor your seller feedback.

  • Monitor listing changes

    If suddenly titles, bullet points, or images change. We'll let you know.

  • Keep an eye on all numbers

    And by the way, you also get powerful controlling functions with it.

A selection of satisfied customers

AMALYTIX works with large and small brands to make their lives easier.

  • Florian Pfister

    Florian Pfister

    Key Account Manager e-Commerce

    Spectrum Brands

    With the help of AMALYTIX, we monitor our brand portfolio. Here, the content monitoring and the hint of possible plagiarism support us in particular.

  • Klaus Forsthofer

    Klaus Forsthofer



    We use AMALYTIX within the agency to monitor the products of our consulting clients. AMALYTIX provides valuable data for daily work.

  • Estelle Dietrich

    Estelle Dietrich

    E-Commerce Manager


    Thanks to AMALYTIX, we keep an overview of our Amazon activities. The sophisticated hint module is indispensable in our daily routine.

  • Benjamin Bublat

    Benjamin Bublat


    Due to the high number of items in our range, we have them automatically monitored. We now invest the time saved in optimizing our products.

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