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Monitor hazard pictograms on Amazon

03/15/2021 • Reading time: ca. 3 min • by Trutz Fries

Dangerous goods can also be sold on Amazon. However, chemical substances and mixtures can have hazardous characteristics and thus pose a danger to people and the environment. Therefore, special requirements are placed on retailers with regard to the labeling of these products.

According to the intention of the CLP Regulation, potential buyers of dangerous goods should be informed about these hazards before they make a purchase. The CLP Regulation governs the classification, labeling and packaging of dangerous goods. The regulation prescribes how the products are to be physically marked, i.e. on their packaging / label. In addition, however, the CLP Regulation also provides specifications for the advertising of such products and thus regulates the labeling obligation for online trade and online advertising.

You must also ensure this labeling in the form of pictograms on the Amazon product detail page, otherwise you may be warned and your product will be removed from the Amazon product catalog.

What are pictograms and which ones are there?

Dangerous goods are divided into nine classes based on certain properties and marked by a pictogram each.

Pictograms are graphic labels that consist of a symbol as well as other graphic elements, such as a border, background pattern or background color.

Amazon provides the following pictograms:.

Products of these classes can only be sold in limited quantities on Amazon:

NameHazard pictogram
pictogram flammableFlammable (Flammable Gases & Liquids, Organic Peroxides)
pictogram irritatingIrritating
pictogram corrosiveCorrosive
pictogram non-flammable, non-toxic gasesNon-flammable, non-toxic gases
pictogram fire-promotingFire-promoting (oxidizing agent)

The following classes or ranges are prohibited for shipment by Amazon:

NameHazard pictogram
pictogram hazardous to healthHazardous to health (infectious substances, radioactive material)
pictogram toxic and very toxicToxic & Very Toxic
pictogram flammableFlammable (spontaneously combustible substances, substances that are dangerous when wet)
pictogram explosiveExplosive

You can find more information about the different pictograms on Amazon here →.

Where are the dangerous goods pictograms displayed?

pictograms are displayed as a product safety notice

Pictograms are displayed as a product safety notice directly below the bullet points on the product detail page of your product. As a Seller or Vendor, you need to continuously check that these pictograms are visible on the product detail page of your products.

Why should you monitor the visibility of the pictograms?

Hazardous goods shipped to Amazon must comply with all applicable regulations to ensure safety and correctness of transportation, storage, handling, and labeling (for more information, read here → weiter).

When you submit your products to Amazon, you certify that all products meet the legal requirements and that the information provided is complete, accurate, and current. Providing incorrect or incomplete information may result in your products being blocked for sale. As well, if you forget to label your products online with the necessary pictograms.

How do I monitor my hazard pictograms with AMALYTIX?

Go to "Settings / Alert Settings" to the already available alerts and activate under "Select alerts" the corresponding note "Security pictograms have changed". Make sure that you select the correct hint type depending on whether you are a Seller or a Vendor.

As soon as the hazard pictograms change compared to the previous day, AMALYTIX will inform you.

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