Amazon's Category Tree as an Interactive Sunburst Diagram


Amazon's Category Tree as an Interactive Sunburst Diagram

tl/dr: We created an interactive sunburst diagram (opens new window) using D3.js to visualize Amazon's category tree

We played around with the incredible D3.js library recently to create some nice visualizations. One outcome is this zoomable sunburst diagram which displays Amazon's categories from its US marketplace. As there are many thousand categories you cannot display them at once or even on the next level. So wo used a different approach.

The size of each slides shows how many categories are below this one category in total, so not only on the next level.

This is how it looks like from the start:

Amazon product category tree

Kindle EBooks seems to have many different categories below, esp. in the non-fiction area:

Amazon product category tree for kindle eBooks

If you click on "Sports & Fitness" you get this image:

Amazon product category tree for sports & fitness

"Hunting & Fishing" seems to be very big. Much bigger compared to Germany's related categories "Angeln" and "Jagd".

Here is another example showing how big the "Accessories" category in Electronics is.

Amazon product category tree for electronics

Would you like to try it yourself?

Click here to open the sunburst diagram (opens new window) (takes some seconds to load).

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