Amazon Title Checker with mobile preview

Amazon Title Checker with mobile preview

A good Amazon product title can significantly influence the sales of a product. As more and more customers are buying on mobile devices, it is important to check whether the title can be displayed correctly on the mobile device.

Amazon Title Checker

200 Chars

Appearance of the title on Amazon (desktop)

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Appearance of the title on Amazon (mobile)

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Length in characters
The title should be between 60 and 150 characters long
Length in pixel
If your title is too long it won`t be shown in full on mobile
Forbidden characters
Forbidden characters among others are: ~!*$?_~{}#<>|*;^¬¦
Forbidden words
Some specific words must not be included

What does Amazon recommend for the length of the title?

Amazon writes in its help:

Amazon allows titles of up to 200 characters. However, the following principle applies: brevity is the spice. Therefore, your titles should contain a maximum of 80 characters if possible.

Amazon also refers to its Styleguides, which provide category specific recommendations

According to Amazon, what should not be included in the title?

  • Titles may not contain advertising phrases such as "free shipping", "100% quality guaranteed".
  • Titles may not contain decorative characters, e.g. ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ ¦
  • Do not use characters from the extended ASCII character set such as Æ, ©, or ®.
  • Titles should contain just enough information to identify the article, no more.
  • Do not use subjective comments such as "Desired Article" or "Bestseller".
  • Do not include your seller name in titles.
  • Size and color variations belong in titles for child ASINs, not in parent titles (see below)

How should the Amazon title be formatted?

  • Do not write everything in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Write the first word of the title and all nouns in capital letters.
  • Use numbers: "2" instead of " two ".
  • Titles can contain required punctuation characters such as hyphens (-), slashes (/), commas (,), ampersands (&), and periods (.).
  • Units of measurement can be abbreviated in titles, for example, "cm", "oz", "in", and "kg".
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