Amazon FBA Excel Calculator (EU) version

Amazon FBA Excel Calculator (EU) version

In order to sell an article profitably at Amazon, many cost items must be correctly assessed. Starting with the purchase price, the shipping costs (via Fulfillment by Amazon) up to the return rate.

For this purpose I have built a Amazon calculator in Excel, in which you can enter the essential product characteristics and which then determines all costs and the net proceeds.

Input of the Amazon Calculator

  • Order quantity
  • Cost per unit (purchase)
  • EUR/USD exchange rate, if applicable
  • Freight costs
  • Customs in percent
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Product type (media product / non-media product)
  • Use of Amazon services (labeling service, shipping services)
  • Quantity sold per month
  • Sales price
  • Amazon category

Output of the Amazon FBA Calculator

FBA-relevant sizes

  • Volume
  • Size
  • Is fulfillment by Amazon possible?
  • Storage costs per month
  • Sales period in months
  • Average inventory level
  • Average storage costs per month
  • Storage costs total duration
  • Standard or plus size?
  • Type of packaging
  • Packed weight
  • Weight product incl. packaging
  • FBA fees in EUR

Sales figures (per unit, per month and for the total quantity ordered):

  • Total costs of purchase (incl. freight and customs)
  • Amazon sales commission (depending on the category)
  • Variable pick-and-pack fee
  • FBA fees (oversize, shipping, warehouse, services see above)
  • Net revenue (per piece, per month, total quantity)
  • Margin
  • Effect of return rate (1-95 %) on total revenue


Inputs of the Amazon Calculator

input of the Amazon Calculator

FBA data in the sheet

FBA information in the calculator

Purchasing details

details of purchase

Assumptions of the Amazon computer

The tool assumes that the seller is entitled to deduct VAT and has a so-called "professional seller account", i.e. all values are calculated completely net of taxes.

Currently only and Shipping within Germany is supported.


Here you can download the Excel file. It is open and not protected. So please feel free to make changes and adapt it to your needs.

The current Amazon FBA costs can be found here →

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