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Trutz Fries

Is your Brand Store linked properly?

08/24/2023 • by Trutz Fries

If you have registered your brand or brands in the Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon typically links your Brand Store on the product detail page below the product title.

Amazon link to brand store
Amazon link to brand store

However, this doesn't seem to happen always, as demonstrated by the following real (anonymized) example of a brand manufacturer (Vendors):

For a total of 70 products, the link to the brand store needs to be included. In one instance, the link directs to the wrong store.

AMALYTIX captures the Brand Store ID per product and indicates where the link to the Brand Store is missing:

Display of the Brand Store link in AMALYTIX
Display of the Brand Store link in AMALYTIX

You can easily download your product list as an Excel file, and with just a few filters, you can identify the products that have no link or an incorrect link to your Brand Store.

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