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Monitor Amazon Top Reviews

01/04/2021 • Reading time: ca. 3 min • by Trutz Fries

Previously, AMALYTIX provided notices for new or changed reviews. Recently, AMALYTIX has made two more notices available:

  • Top local reviews changed.
  • Top global reviews changed.

What are top reviews and where are they displayed?

Top reviews are those reviews with the most Useful ratings. Up to 8 top local and global reviews will be displayed at the bottom of the product detail page as well as on the all reviews page.

Top reviews on Amazon
Figure 1: Top reviews on Amazon

With every review there is a possibility to rate this review as "useful".

Rating reviews on Amazon as useful
Figure 2: Rating reviews on Amazon as useful

The more customers rate a review as useful, the more likely the review is to become a Top Review. The reviews that have received the most "Useful" ratings then count as "Top Reviews". As a customer, you can choose between "Top Reviews" and "Latest First" in the review display. By default, the top reviews are displayed first.

These can be additionally differentiated into local and global top reviews.

The local top reviews are from the marketplace you are currently in:

Local top reviews
Figure 3: Local top reviews

The global top reviews include the top reviews from the other markets:

Global Top Reviews
Abbildung 4: Global Top Reviews

Why monitor top reviews?

Top reviews are very important: if the majority of top reviews are bad, the potential customer may turn away from the product. Therefore, constantly monitor your top reviews to detect problems early and avert an ever increasing "Useful" rating.

How do I activate the alerts in Amalytix?

Go to "Settings / Alert settings " to the already available alerts and activate under "Select alert " the appropriate alert "Top local reviews changed" or "Top global reviews changed". The notices are then triggered as soon as the global or local top reviews change.

Global Top Reviews
Figure 5: Adjust AMALYTIX alert "local/global top reviews have changed"

Top reviews are additionally marked with a note in the review overview directly at the respective review of Amalytix.

Global Top Reviews
Figure 6: Display of top reviews in AMALYTIX

You can also filter for top reviews:

Global Top Reviews
Figure 7: AMALYTIX - Filter by top reviews

Always have your top reviews in sight with AMALYTIX.

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