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Trutz Fries

Amazon Movers / Shakers Searchterms CW 20

05/22/2021 • Reading time: ca. 7 min • by Trutz Fries
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We took a closer look at the Amazon Search Term Report data for calendar weeks 20 (05/16/2021 - 05/22/2021) and 19 (05/09/2021 - 05/15/2021), and in particular looked at the search frequency rank trends for selected search terms and the visibility of individual brands here.

Search terms

Let's first take a look at the developments in search terms. Amazon displays the search frequency rank for each search term. As a reminder, the lower the rank, the more frequently people search for that term. More info on this report from Seller or Vendor Central.

Here are the Top 20 search terms with the change from the previous week:

SuchbegriffRank akt.Rang VorwocheVeränderung
fidget toys11↓ 0
pop it22↓ 0
summer dresses for women33↓ 0
iphone44↓ 0
bluetooth headphones56↑ -1
earbuds65↓ 1
fathers day gifts724↑ -17
dresses817↑ -9
apple watch band911↑ -2
apple109↓ 1
crocs1114↑ -3
outdoor lights1213↑ -1
fidget pack138↓ 5
portable charger1416↑ -2
desk1519↑ -4
power bank1615↓ 1
sandals for women1718↑ -1
iphone 11 case1812↓ 6
patio furniture sets1921↑ -2
womens sandals2040↑ -20

Top 25 new entrants

Here we see the search terms that were not present last week.

Neue SuchbegriffeRank akt.
dualplex splash pad sprinkler for kids & toddlers1279
lit handlers2410
lit handlers coozie with handle2623
quickstrike fly bait3363
super potty trainer4758
dualplex splash pad5583
xl rainfall shower head5792
tsukiji aritsugu6272
automatic bubble gun8898
inflatable suntan tub9004
duplex splash pad9970
samsung a02s phone case10184
sidefeel women pull on distressed denim joggers11378
skyward sword amiibo11692
go kot camping cot11741
ergonomic office chairs12063
quick strike fly bait granules12071
charles grodin movies12633
quikstrike fly bate13611
loftwing amiibo14163
multifunctional foam cleaner14273
on amazon com15391
charles grodin15966

Top 25 dropouts

Here you can find the search terms that were present in the previous week, but no longer appear in the current week.

To clarify again: These products were not searched less this week, but no longer at all according to Amazon's list.

Verlorene SuchbegriffeRang Vorwoche
eid gifts10362
great mothers day gifts for mom12663
planner 2021-2022 weekly and monthly16118
twitter how to17809
adagio blowout brush18827
roku streaming stick+21476
adidas cloudfoam womens22131
roku streaming stick +22447
eid gift22590
eid mubarak23856
gift cards for mothers day24027
mothers day flowers24435
first mothers day gifts25534
mothers day same day delivery gifts26016
ruffle dress for women26450
jockey underwear women28682
disney princess comfy squad castle28895
mothers day gifts for sister30184
funko pop venom 230466
eid gifts for kids32459
eid mubarak stickers32931
globles sticky balls that gets stuck on the roof33122

Top 50 Winners

Here are the search terms that entered the Top 1,000 with the biggest change.

SuchbegriffRang KW 20Rang KW 19Delta
hulu live and on demand tv movies originals more4088,309-7,901
graduation 2021 decorations2045,299-5,095
portable ac4905,005-4,515
jumpsuits for women6894,089-3,400
window fan7893,872-3,083
window air conditioner5223,399-2,877
apple airtag1032,819-2,716
sprinklers for lawn7443,330-2,586
luggage set8333,361-2,528
friday night funkin merch6962,980-2,284
hydroflask water bottle4302,698-2,268
solar lights outdoor garden7202,984-2,264
graduation gifts for her4072,539-2,132
birkenstock women5342,363-1,829
solar string lights outdoor7182,545-1,827
air conditioner portable6302,446-1,816
flip flops women2681,923-1,655
tankini swimsuits for women6202,214-1,594
splash pad6272,152-1,525
kids pool9842,475-1,491
baby pool9472,396-1,449
above ground swimming pool5071,912-1,405
jean shorts women5661,953-1,387
womens shorts for summer4491,807-1,358
wireless ear buds7402,075-1,335
slip and slide8512,124-1,273
crocs mens shoes9512,187-1,236
sandals for women casual summer7311,830-1,099
mosquito repellent for patio8661,962-1,096
shorts women1191,204-1,085
bubble gun8781,956-1,078
fathers day9922,059-1,067
ergonomic office chair3211,372-1,051
kiddie pool5481,500-952
women's shorts7981,709-911
fans for bedroom4011,295-894
swimsuit cover up for women8901,733-843
star projector5771,403-826
nintendo switch game5851,409-824
samsung a12 case8971,702-805
above ground pool5751,336-761
patio furniture sets clearance169923-754
water balloons9721,720-748
tank tops6801,417-737
outdoor chair cushions6181,341-723

Top 50 Losers

Here are the search terms that were in the Top 1,000 the previous week and now show major (negative) changes, i.e. where the search frequency rank has risen sharply.

SuchbegriffRang KW 20Rang KW 19Delta
mothers day gifts from daughter2306850822,560
mothers day2118741920,768
shoes women1131562410,691
nike shoes men41274123,715
external hard drive38118043,007
graduation gifts for her 202134456352,810
maxi dresses35409572,583
gas can28214902,331
dress for women24324351,997
flowers for delivery prime27569351,821
vaccination card protector24997741,725
gifts for mom23456451,700,651
watches for men22986491,649
human hair wigs24899681,521
shorts for women14752071,268
airpod cases12832411,042
mothers day gifts104771,040
luggage sets1610622988
patio seating1705759946
flushable wipes1696842854
wireless earbuds for android1679953726
iphone 12 pro max case for women1458735723
glow in the dark tampons1190467723
ps5 controller1284577707
computer graphics cards1577906671
cheese grater1410874536
amz prime822328494
hearing aids1440954486
hunger games1251775476
bb gun1351890461
wrath of man1038580458
downton abbey1237795442
vaccine card protector waterproof896469427
sound bars for tv1106685421
western movies741330411
apple watch band 40mm1346938408
cutting board883483400
pregnancy pillows1229835394
soap dispenser1110721389

Top 50 movers / shakers

These are search terms that were within the Top 1,000 in both the current week and the previous week and have shown major changes.

SuchbegriffRang KW 20Rang KW 19Delta
patio furniture sets clearance169923↑ -754
plus size summer dresses225904↑ -679
pools303927↑ -624
amazon ptime122734↑ -612
sundress267847↑ -580
fire tv stick73632↑ -559
nike shoes for men182714↑ -532
bluetooth speakers173692↑ -519
pool accessories482978↑ -496
amz prime822328↓ 494
one piece bathing suits for women194666↑ -472
inflatable pool377838↑ -461
beach dresses for women555990↑ -435
teva sandals for women436866↑ -430
vaccine card protector waterproof896469↓ 427
western movies741330↓ 411
cutting board883483↓ 400
gift cards265658↑ -393
echo dot142534↑ -392
flowers598216↓ 382
air conditioner25403↑ -378
sundress women581955↑ -374
plus size swimsuits245607↑ -362
summer dresses54414↑ -360
maternity shorts418769↑ -351
biker shorts for women high waist649999↑ -350
masks for women928581↓ 347
water table415761↑ -346
magnetic lashes604946↑ -342
maternity dress261598↑ -337
michael kors handbags937602↓ 335
underground railroad626959↑ -333
electric scooter563238↓ 325
motorcycle645969↑ -324
dumbbells677353↓ 324
womens tank tops269588↑ -319
beach chair633949↑ -316
maternity clothes543855↑ -312
plants946639↓ 307
wind chimes888589↓ 299
prom dress782499↓ 283
waist trainer275557↑ -282
mortal kombat690411↓ 279
beach blanket663940↑ -277
fathers day gifts from daughter388665↑ -277
perfumes for women958690↓ 268
converse women901634↓ 267
figit toys packages692437↓ 255
wireless earbuds for iphone935686↓ 249
sun hats for women682926↑ -244


Here we count which brands are most frequently represented with their products among the Top 3 Products (by clicks).

The analysis is independent of the search frequency rank.

Top brands

Amazon Basics6856
365 by Whole Foods Market3902
Amazon Essentials3045
Under Armour1980
Best Choice Products1938
Samsung Electronics1774


Here are the brands with the biggest gains.

Anz. KW 20Anz. KW 19Delta
365 by Whole Foods Market39023490412
Best Choice Products19381703235
Produce (Brands May Vary)1209988221
Summer Waves458263195
Kanu Surf537349188
GRACE KARIN658485173
Simple Joys by Carter's12391080159
Under Armour19801832148
Fruit of the Loom13941264130


Here are the brands with the biggest losses.

Anz. KW 20Anz. KW 19Delta
Samsung Electronics17741922-148
Amazon Basics68566979-123
Sports Research390488-98
Envy Nutrition398-95
Rockridge Press605697-92


Products that appear most often

Here the top products that appear most often in the search term report.

Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirts, Mu (B091FNSFN1)282
Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra (B07TVJ1BZ4)208
Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short (B07KCN4G6T)197
Apple AirPods Pro (B07ZPC9QD4)181
Relipop Summer Women Short Sle (B07DPC1QH2)179
Crocs Men's and Women's Classi (B0956MH8DR)173
Apple AirPods with Charging Ca (B07PXGQC1Q)173
Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (B08L5M9BTJ)167
Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Ess (B07FBPRN8Y)163
Beckham Hotel Collection Bed P (B01LYNW421)162
Amazon eGift Card (B004LLIKVU)155
Hanes Women's Jersey Short (B016YKHX1S)149
Crocs Kids' Classic Clog (B0956YH6D3)146
Blink Mini – Compact indoor pl (B07X6C9RMF)144
Ekouaer Women's Swimsuit Beach (B08B8X2SVD)141
Jackery Portable Power Station (B07D29QNMJ)141
RUUHEE Women Criss Cross High (B082SJTR7N)139
adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure (B08FSVL4SQ)138
Seagate Portable 2TB External (B07CRG94G3)135
Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB (B07FT2LLLK)135


These products appear significantly more often in the search term report compared to the previous week:

SUGOAL 42" Tower Fan with 6 Sp (B08PDDSDHY)92
DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered (B079VLFD7D)86
FURTALK Womens Beach Sun Straw (B094VW1NT6)85
SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad, Sp (B07MNMT3M7)69
Hanes Women's Jersey Short (B016YKHX1S)66
2 Packs Push Pop Bubble Sensor (B08SLZ712T)65
TeeTurtle - The Original Rever (B088X4XFNQ)64
MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air co (B085797ZFF)55
Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra (B07TVJ1BZ4)51
RUNNING GIRL Sports Bra for Wo (B08SLNT168)50
Under Armour Men's Blitzing 3. (B08N6NT5TR)50
Levi's Women's 501 Original Sh (B08J97XVXH)50
Xbox Wireless Controller - Sho (B08DFB488B)48
Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboa (B079JLY5M5)48
KIRUNDO 2021 Women’s Summer Mi (B082KJDYLH)47
Levi's Women's Mid Length Shor (B01MQHLXNC)46
Relipop Summer Women Short Sle (B07DPC1QH2)45
Colosseum Active Women's Simon (B07ZDHJ67T)44
Under Armour Men's Tech Graphi (B08KS1XN7G)44


These products appeared significantly less frequently compared to the previous week:

Fruit of the Loom Women's Tag (B07MQPHT7F)-96
Night Time Fat Burner - Metabo (B07X39RHLK)-94
Crocs Kids' Classic Clog (Reti (B08TLJ9MTX)-91
HTH 42037 Super 3-inch Chlorin (B07XWL4QY8)-71
Gildan Men's G2000 Ultra Cotto (B093WXLXFW)-71
Xbox Core Controller - Carbon (B08DF248LD)-57
adidas Women's Grand Court Sne (B093ZM895R)-56
DuraMax Flo n' Go LE Fluid Tra (B000MT94QA)-50
WD 2TB Elements Portable Exter (B06W55K9N6)-48
ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra Thin La (B081V6W99V)-48
Amazon Gift Card - Happy Mothe (B07BHKP8C9)-48
Echo Show 5 -- Smart display w (B07HZLHPKP)-48
Nee-Doh Schylling Color Change (B08Y2KNNQV)-44
Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB (B07FT2LLLK)-44
Gibson Soho Lounge 16-Piece Sq (B0038JDEOY)-42
Crocs Unisex-Child Clog (B0727YN69S)-40
GARAGE BOSS GB351 Briggs and S (B08Z7CSQ66)-40
Chlorophyll Liquid Drops - 100 (B07HY9B1ZQ)-39
Fruit of the Loom Girls' Cotto (B07PDJ63RH)-37
2PCS Push Pop Pop Bubble Senso (B08V1FHCD4)-37


The following products did not appear in the previous week.

ProdukttitelAnz. Suchbegr.Bester Rang
Crocs Men's and Women's Classi (B0956MH8DR)17311
Crocs Kids' Classic Clog (B0956YH6D3)14611
Fruit of the Loom Women's Tag (B0956HNH2Y)80719
Quiksilver Men's Pierside Stra (B0957L5X8V)552949
Fruit of the Loom Girls' Cotto (B0956DYK8W)417628
Set Of 10 Refrigerator Organiz (B093TL4WMD)40446
TEMI Kids Sand and Water Table (B08V15CRLL)37415
Crocs Unisex-Child Crocband Cl (B08PTFLS2F)368964
MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 12 (B08WPRMVWB)361221
Walensee Weed Puller, Stand Up (B07GDBY3YS)3314069
100 Pcs PVC Different Shoe Cha (B08R5CSQY7)331116
Hanes Women's Stretch Cotton C (B08939T8P8)324610
Hanes Men's EcoSmart Open Leg (B09522797G)31734
LEGO Friends Nature Glamping 4 (B07WCQV9FK)303111
Simple Joys by Carter's Boys' (B0952MS3F8)3014980
Gerber baby-girls 4 Pack Sleep (B09589VJXN)293417
Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moistur (B0954H7T9Y)2832359
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $0.99 a (B0873B5ZVQ)2738960
NEW PREMIUM Large Shower Head (B07YMWBDMV)265792

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