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Amazon Movers / Shakers Searchterms CW 27

07/10/2021 • Reading time: ca. 7 min • by Trutz Fries
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We took a closer look at the Amazon Search Term Report data for calendar weeks 27 (07/04/2021 - 07/10/2021) and 26 (06/27/2021 - 07/03/2021), and in particular looked at the search frequency rank trends for selected search terms and the visibility of individual brands here.

Search terms

Let's first take a look at the developments in search terms. Amazon displays the search frequency rank for each search term. As a reminder, the lower the rank, the more frequently people search for that term. More info on this report from Seller or Vendor Central.

Here are the Top 20 search terms with the change from the previous week:

SearchtermRank curr.Rank prev.Change
pop it11↓ 0
bluetooth headphones23↑ -1
fidget toys36↑ -3
iphone44↓ 0
earbuds55↓ 0
iphone 12 pro max case69↑ -3
fidget packs77↓ 0
iphone 11 case819↑ -11
apple98↓ 1
apple watch band10184↑ -174
desk1113↑ -2
dresses1215↑ -3
outdoor lights1311↓ 2
crocs1412↓ 2
power bank1514↓ 1
laptop1618↑ -2
water bottles1729↑ -12
ps51820↑ -2
car accessories1927↑ -8
womens summer tops2021↑ -1

Top 25 new entrants

Here we see the search terms that were not present last week.

New searchtermsRank curr.
nintendo switch oled373
switch oled2682
splatter ball gun automatic4797
infinity air trap6521
splatter ball guns7694
retro phone stand8908
cooling vent9528
air vent booster10770
closed for storm10878
comexim bra11372
alligator loki11948
nintendo switch oled screen12532
pixel 6 pro case12980
hallmark ornament12994
infinity airtap13921
splatter ball blaster14362
asus zephyrus s1715974
bluetooth ear buds+16626
swimsuit coverups for women prime17407
saras malayalam movie17473
lovely dreams perfume by dime17947
big brother 2319223
oled switch19267
daddy handle soap dispensing handle19329

Top 25 dropouts

Here you can find the search terms that were present in the previous week, but no longer appear in the current week.

To clarify again: These products were not searched less this week, but no longer at all according to Amazon's list.

Lost searchtermsRank prev.
4th of july shirts women59
fourth of july outfit women269
fourth of july shirts for women349
fourth of july decorations outdoor1631
fourth of july accessories2051
swim suits, women tummy control2215
july 4th decorations2851
swamp cooler for room4236
fourth of july party supplies4401
plus size summer dress for women5514
flip flop sandals for women5615
womens 4th of july shirt6519
fourth of july decorations for the home6584
fans that blow cold air large room6677
badminton sets for backyards7742
spaghetti strap dresses for women8351
straw hats women8359
sundresses for women summer casual8360
red one piece bathing suit for women8579
outdoor rugs 9x12 for patios8633
linen pants women summer8749
fourth of july shirt9112
womens fourth of july tops9136
maternity dresses for summer9956
4th of july women10432

Top 50 Winners

Here are the search terms that entered the Top 1,000 with the biggest change.

SearchtermRank CW 27Rank CW 26Delta
splatter ball gun10924,099-23,990
summer dress for women98415,496-14,512
iphone se 2020 case8438,339-7,496
samsung a02s case9948,362-7,368
black widow1105,861-5,751
samsung a32 5g case4763,825-3,349
one piece bathing suits for women2043,483-3,279
gel blaster8683,564-2,696
cushionaire sandals women1712,533-2,362
vegetable chopper4832,829-2,346
iphone xr cases6212,931-2,310
soundbars for tv6392,668-2,029
sunglasses men5662,383-1,817
floor lamps6512,179-1,528
electric toothbrush5011,851-1,350
plus size summer dresses5041,830-1,326
womens bathing suit6821,980-1,298
blackout curtains5321,779-1,247
shoes for woman5701,790-1,220
lunch bag women7541,944-1,190
sex toys for couples vibrating machine9302,109-1,179
ice cream maker5071,635-1,128
wedding guest dresses2271,335-1,108
external hard drives6661,773-1,107
high waisted swimsuits2941,396-1,102
airpod cases2461,305-1,059
maternity dresses for photoshoot8041,813-1,009
jewelry cleaner8991,904-1,005
dish drying rack5551,546-991
ice cube tray9531,924-971
dinnerware sets8531,795-942
monster high9781,915-937
gaming laptops6441,569-925
kindle unlimited free books7651,663-898
iphone 12 pro max screen protector4521,348-896
sexually explicit content3791,245-866
bento box8051,659-854
shorts for women146977-831
jbl bluetooth speaker4411,203-762
space jam4741,213-739
air fryers4121,146-734
pop it fidget toy5991,331-732
compression socks4611,183-722

Top 50 Losers

Here are the search terms that were in the Top 1,000 the previous week and now show major (negative) changes, i.e. where the search frequency rank has risen sharply.

SearchtermRank CW 27Rank CW 26Delta
4th of july shirts for men400443881399,562
4th of july tank tops for women29444573294,372
4th of july party supplies264863175264,688
swimsuits for curvy women5948398358,500
bathing suit coverups for women5564378754,856
apple watch bands 40mm for women5268940352,286
one piece swimsuit for women5046756749,900
swim cover up for women4328743042,857
july 4th shirts for women3894981838,131
sectional sofa #na3854357837,965
plus size dresses for women3556172934,832
4th of july shirts3398876333,225
one piece bathing suits3060076829,832
4th of july decorations3009189929,192
american flag bikini2471193923,772
high waisted bathing suit2035864819,710
4th of july accessories1922671618,510
hey dudes womens1899254818,444
iphone se case 20201800093317,067
air conditioner window unit1553789114,646
pit vipers sunglasses men1445142514,026
nike shoes for men1386841713,451
4th of july shirts for women1365952913,130
4th of july outfits for women1125856810,690
fourth of july1069951610,183
flip flops women104146969,718
portable ac air conditioner79404797,461
room decor aesthetic75535896,964
lace front human hair wigs73368346,502
patriotic shirts for women68093596,450
sectional sofa69277946,133
shorts women59841595,825
wedges sandals for women67209965,724
high waisted bikini bottoms45055283,977
luggage set44785593,919
air conditioner for window38612193,642
prime day deals 202141989403,258
jbl speaker35544623,092
cheese grater36379142,723
water shoes for men33147122,602
4th of july2628682,560
blackout curtain31736552,518
wedding guest dresses for women formal34309272,503
swim trunks for men32859952,290
mini air conditioner31798902,289
window air conditioners29567392,217
surge protector27267441,982
patio furniture sets26516841,967
american flag24345721,862

Top 50 movers / shakers

These are search terms that were within the Top 1,000 in both the current week and the previous week and have shown major changes.

SearchtermRank CW 27Rank CW 26Delta
shorts for women146977↑ -831
air conditioner portable78822↓ 766
dehumidifier945233↓ 712
independence day93761↑ -668
one piece bathing suit for women tummy control817286↓ 531
hey dudes396913↑ -517
beach cover up910396↓ 514
hey dudes mens887375↓ 512
n95 mask931422↓ 509
summer dresses for women 2021622118↓ 504
led strip lights283775↑ -492
peacock tv981490↓ 491
kiddie pool936463↓ 473
flashlight417888↑ -471
compression socks women717251↓ 466
iphone 12 pro max phone case672211↓ 461
plus size dress418870↑ -452
samsung s21 case180630↑ -450
pencil case473920↑ -447
wireless keyboard940494↓ 446
swimsuit cover up138582↑ -444
tomorrow war449871↑ -422
trampoline906498↓ 408
hair accessories for women340745↑ -405
swimsuit for women46451↑ -405
coffee tables335740↑ -405
above ground pool771379↓ 392
laundry basket147538↑ -391
hoverboard677292↓ 385
area rug380759↑ -379
loki573947↑ -374
slip and slide827454↓ 373
steering wheel cover659288↓ 371
f986622↓ 364
womens summer dresses200557↑ -357
electric bike353709↑ -356
folding table976628↓ 348
portable air conditioner36924↓ 345
queen bed frame655984↑ -329
manifest710383↓ 327
nike shoes women215539↑ -324
school supplies213534↑ -321
jaws608925↑ -317
outdoor games977664↓ 313
pool toys434129↓ 305
switch637942↑ -305
sprinkler826524↓ 302
outdoor rugs524825↑ -301
dish rack907610↓ 297
bracelets697991↑ -294


Here we count which brands are most frequently represented with their products among the Top 3 Products (by clicks).

The analysis is independent of the search frequency rank.

Top brands

Amazon Basics10682
365 by Whole Foods Market3372
Amazon Essentials2100
Under Armour1978
Samsung Electronics1798


Here are the brands with the biggest gains.

# Keywords CW 27# Keywords CW 26Delta
AC Infinity331162169
CGK Unlimited475356119
Utopia Bedding103394885
The North Face30722780


Here are the brands with the biggest losses.

# Keywords CW 27# Keywords CW 26Delta
Amazon Essentials21002391-291
Kanu Surf8711141-270
Tipsy Elves72227-155
Lique Patriotic15157-142
365 by Whole Foods Market33723501-129
Little Hand9116-107


Products that appear most often

Here the top products that appear most often in the search term report.

Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirts, Mu (B091FNSFN1)290
KATCHY Indoor Insect and Flyin (B07B6RZP4H)227
Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (B08L5M9BTJ)203
Blink Mini – Compact indoor pl (B07X6C9RMF)199
Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB (B07FT2LLLK)192
VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes Bare (B07JPYSNDP)188
Apple AirPods with Charging Ca (B07PXGQC1Q)185
Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra (B07TVJ1BZ4)183
Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Ess (B07FBPRN8Y)178
Small Bathroom Storage Corner (B074ZHCLMD)176
Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short (B07KCN4G6T)158
Seagate Portable 2TB External (B07CRG94G3)156
Apple AirPods Pro (B07ZPC9QD4)156
Beckham Hotel Collection Bed P (B01LYNW421)156
SUUKSESS Women Wrap Bikini Set (B082PNCS7M)155
Amazon eGift Card (B004LLIKVU)153
Ontel Arctic Pure Air Cooler (B08SGFJ2PL)150
Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clo (B098Q5HFKL)146
Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim (B08GCY2KQW)145
REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And (B01LSUQSB0)144


These products appear significantly more often in the search term report compared to the previous week:

Hydro Flask Water Bottle (B098HVL1N3)60
Inflatable Swimming Pool for K (B08XYK5FJ3)57
AC Infinity AIRTAP T4, Quiet R (B0792QR5YT)56
KATCHY Indoor Insect and Flyin (B07B6RZP4H)54
i12 Pro MAX Unlocked Smartphon (B08RZ4D19Y)53
Crocs Men's and Women's Duet S (B005GCCJME)52
HEMIUA Bug Zapper for Outdoor (B0861295JF)51
Apple AirPods with Charging Ca (B07PXGQC1Q)51
ClosetMaid 8967 Pantry Cabinet (B002IPG47I)50
Airtight Food Storage Containe (B07C79SGBC)50
Anker Portable Charger, PowerC (B07QXV6N1B)48
300 PCS Stickers Pack (50-850P (B08518LVFD)47
Zinus Luis Quick Lock 14 Inch (B072LFJTFJ)47
Luna Rechargeable Personal Wan (B07YW5DZBQ)47
SentrySafe H0100 Fireproof Wat (B00GE586CY)46
II ININ Women's Deep V-Neck Ca (B07ZJ32GVM)45
Massage Gun,Upgrade Handheld D (B08R7MC8MS)45
SplatRball Water Bead Blaster (B08MJJGNK5)44
YATHON Casual Dresses for Wome (B0895GRVYV)44
Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece (B07FTRZLM5)44


These products appeared significantly less frequently compared to the previous week:

Crocs Men's and Women's Classi (B097FSQWKX)-162
Black Face Mask,100pcs Disposa (B08GSNTTNR)-98
MODARANI Cut Off Denim Shorts (B07RPF5Y2W)-84
Crocs Unisex-Adult Baya Clog (B08237J6V9)-83
Womens Patriotic American Flag (B07C9FMVTM)-72
Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Ai (B001R1RXUG)-71
NHXTDWL Fidget Toys Packs 41pc (B097H2KGVX)-71
POPTEM Womens Casual American (B07BT3Q8Z1)-68
Ekouaer Women Short Sarongs Be (B07D14C8QQ)-67
(Free $20 Airtime Activation P (B07Y5R57FS)-67
Tower Fan - SUGOAL 42” 90° Osc (B08P4Z3B5X)-63
MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air co (B085797ZFF)-62
Smiling Clear Case Compatible (B089ZRVKC4)-60
Meyeeka Womens Scoop Neck Cut (B07PR8VRTB)-58
Casa AndreaMilano Modern Large (B08L1GLRCH)-55
Womens American Flag Tank 4th (B07Q35V7CY)-54
Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Wid (B083GBJ85R)-53
GE 5,000 BTU Mechanical Window (B08N6ZKDCY)-52
Little Boys 4th of July T-Shir (B0922NKHZT)-48


The following products did not appear in the previous week.

Product# searchtermsBest rank
Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clo (B098Q5HFKL)14614
Crocs Baya (B01MU2B5JY)68626
SereneLife SLPAC Portable Air (B07DQVNSP8)453857
Mac Sports Mac Wagon (WTC-145) (B01DAWKVBM)411494
Electric Gel Ball Blaster MP-5 (B0964SYJKC)41109
TeeTurtle - The Original Rever (B07H4K9QYQ)385411
TOMPOL Bug Zapper for Indoor a (B08QMFJDXZ)371091
Amazon Basics Stainless Steel (B06X9NQ8GX)371096
Hanes Ultimate mens 5-pack Tar (B098NBLL5B)343508
Sunm Boutique 6 Pack Womens Un (B093B23KVM)293228
Table Lamp, Bedside Lamp with (B08S7DYJWT)291268
SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottom (B07JNFKYC3)293909
Big Fidget Pack Anti-Anxiety T (B097JZSFJD)2953
Color Coded Drink Shield and S (B01M07PZ8X)2843509
Amazon Basics Classic TV Dinne (B07MDJNF6R)287466
Disposable Face Masks Breathab (B08LDGW1NM)281776
Water Bottle Dispenser, YOMYM (B07NRYR6B6)273462
Bdcoco Women's V Neck Floral L (B098XXK9HS)274278
Knock Knock Paper Tantrum Nift (1601068093)2626464
Ariat Men's Workhog H2O 400g C (B01BL5YMGU)263204

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