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Amazon Movers / Shakers Searchterms CW 30

07/31/2021 • Reading time: ca. 7 min • by Trutz Fries
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We took a closer look at the Amazon Search Term Report data for calendar weeks 30 (07/25/2021 - 07/31/2021) and 29 (07/18/2021 - 07/24/2021), and in particular looked at the search frequency rank trends for selected search terms and the visibility of individual brands here.

Search terms

Let's first take a look at the developments in search terms. Amazon displays the search frequency rank for each search term. As a reminder, the lower the rank, the more frequently people search for that term. More info on this report from Seller or Vendor Central.

Here are the Top 20 search terms with the change from the previous week:

SearchtermRank curr.Rank prev.Change
iphone 11 case11↓ 0
pop it22↓ 0
face mask324↑ -21
earbuds48↑ -4
iphone 12 pro max case53↓ 2
iphone65↓ 1
bluetooth headphones76↓ 1
desk810↑ -2
apple watch band94↓ 5
fidget packs1011↑ -1
disposable face masks11144↑ -133
dresses127↓ 5
backpacks1316↑ -3
crocs1412↓ 2
laptop1515↓ 0
n95 mask1652↑ -36
summer dress for women1722↑ -5
power bank1819↑ -1
apple1917↓ 2
water bottles2018↓ 2

Top 25 new entrants

Here we see the search terms that were not present last week.

New searchtermsRank curr.
finipil lait 50 antiseptic cream1849
finipil antiseptic cream3496
finipil cream4437
steamedbun ita bag4535
facamword hidden camera detector5354
e amazon5512
better me tattoo lipstick swabs5719
nothing ear 16691
sonryse fajas colombianas postparto bbl stage 2 post surgical compression garments for women8410
garth marenghi's darkplace9326
steamedbun ita bag heart japanese bags9633
alt 23 perfume for women10234
cm owens11352
steamedbun school bag13078
marvel legends what if14027
soulja boy game console14128
steamed bun ita bag15527
polvo de arroz demoiselle17053
finipil lait 5017076
sony zv-e1017237
scraper utility knife18216
samsung s21 fe 5g case18537
nothing earbuds18734

Top 25 dropouts

Here you can find the search terms that were present in the previous week, but no longer appear in the current week.

To clarify again: These products were not searched less this week, but no longer at all according to Amazon's list.

Lost searchtermsRank prev.
tsukiji aritsugu4877
flowy summer dress for women5368
pop up tents canopy8542
bathing suit cover up for women plus size12127
classroom supplies for teachers elementary12597
olympics party decorations12602
bug zapper indoor/outdoor13067
beard bar clean up13646
cocktail dresses for wedding guest13810
sex toys sucking vibrating machine for men14562
kamp-rite tent cot14654
jump ropes for women14663
beard bar15141
sexy one piece bathing suits for women15629
kenmore 9083 water filter15882
disposable gloves medium size16851
semi formal dresses for wedding guest16950
spaghetti strap dress for women summer17199
pokemon - fire red version (v1.1)18873
mark levine book american marxism19028
white sneakers women fashion19978
mens flare pants20191
urns for ashes for humans21319
god of war - ghost of sparta21536
kindle books best sellers 202123192

Top 50 Winners

Here are the search terms that entered the Top 1,000 with the biggest change.

SearchtermRank CW 30Rank CW 29Delta
5mm magnetic balls35526,837-26,482
hey dudes for men76813,423-12,655
fanny packs for women63611,260-10,624
tattoo lipstick3139,863-9,550
sexy lingerie set9138,267-7,354
birkenstock sandals women5857,877-7,292
bathing suit cover ups for women9017,758-6,857
jungle cruise4575,989-5,532
iphone charging cords7584,462-3,704
kn95 mask7073,738-3,031
face masks washable6343,201-2,567
kids disposable mask6602,992-2,332
sexy tops for women7312,998-2,267
kids masks9273,057-2,130
maxi dress for women summer 20217162,602-1,886
masks for coronavirus protection9052,609-1,704
kawaii backpack8702,512-1,642
n95 masks7932,367-1,574
apple watch band 40mm5592,019-1,460
kids face masks7462,084-1,338
queen comforter set6161,881-1,265
fidget toy3451,603-1,258
macbook air 13 inch case 20218192,051-1,232
punching bag9572,138-1,181
jump rope7871,934-1,147
black masks5751,580-1,005
vanity mirror with lights7341,679-945
queen size bed frame7861,708-922
jumpsuits for women5381,423-885
soap dispenser7091,582-873
thank you cards9661,838-872
black disposable face masks108953-845
mouse pads7801,620-840
kids mask2361,037-801
bluetooth earbuds138923-785
one piece swimsuit tummy control8901,666-776
hair ties7441,519-775
jansport backpack for teen girls222977-755
lace front wigs human hair7551,490-735
kindle paperwhite7621,496-734
locker accessories8201,553-733
kn95 face mask4321,145-713
amazon fresh groceries delivery7221,421-699
wireless headphones for iphone9291,627-698

Top 50 Losers

Here are the search terms that were in the Top 1,000 the previous week and now show major (negative) changes, i.e. where the search frequency rank has risen sharply.

SearchtermRank CW 30Rank CW 29Delta
high waisted bikini set9546885394,615
maxi dresses for women summer8996733389,634
fanny pack for women fashionable6479189863,893
shoes for woman4918556148,624
ceiling fan with lights3997780139,176
mens swim trunk3117344730,726
womens bathing suit2315694922,207
skechers shoes for men2101895620,062
coffee makers82916147,677
amz prime71047906,314
iphone cable54809614,519
dog collars49895554,434
sexy lingerie for women naughty for sex53019034,398
muddy bites46457743,871
iphone 11 phone case40606073,453
patio lights35449452,599
tankini bathing suits for women26948941,800
swimsuit cover up26018371,764
sexy dress22765661,710
full face snorkel mask25408911,649
womens summer dresses23007551,545
blow dryer20736861,387
pool float19505721,378
pop socket for phone15192251,294
mini dress19667431,223
paraguard parasite cleanse for humans16825761,106
jewelry organizer1580624956
airpod cases1343394949
gel blaster1677789888
airpods pro 21104286818
air fryers1021269752
iphone charger cable915194721
under armour shoes for men1668951717
jumpsuit for women casual summer1276567709
closet storage1357657700
hey dudes956263693
pencil pouches1382705677
carry on luggage with spinner wheels1530868662
cover ups for women1604965639
tevas woman's sandals1277655622
space jam 2869268601
bb gun1536940596
patio furniture732178554

Top 50 movers / shakers

These are search terms that were within the Top 1,000 in both the current week and the previous week and have shown major changes.

SearchtermRank CW 30Rank CW 29Delta
black disposable face masks108953↑ -845
bluetooth earbuds138923↑ -785
jansport backpack for teen girls222977↑ -755
popsockets135882↑ -747
iphone charger cable915194↓ 721
n95270963↑ -693
hey dudes956263↓ 693
space jam 2869268↓ 601
patio furniture732178↓ 554
summer dresses848297↓ 551
face masks201738↑ -537
pit viper sunglasses460959↑ -499
pencil pouch459938↑ -479
iphone 11 pro max case656187↓ 469
beach chairs706248↓ 458
fall decor477924↑ -447
closet organizers and storage237677↑ -440
boys backpacks455876↑ -421
face shield385802↑ -417
swimsuit898491↓ 407
sundress900494↓ 406
dry erase markers486878↑ -392
jansport930542↓ 388
xbox controller539919↑ -380
fanny pack724347↓ 377
rompers for women dressy summer925560↓ 365
womens swimsuits435793↑ -358
jeans for women573917↑ -344
wireless headphones338680↑ -342
composition notebooks419759↑ -340
clothes880546↓ 334
n95 masks for virus protection made in usa278612↑ -334
jansport backpack269600↑ -331
tomorrow war963632↓ 331
extension cord370697↑ -327
oculus quest 2262584↑ -322
phone case651968↑ -317
swimsuit coverup for women184499↑ -315
fast and furious 9136451↑ -315
rtx 3070728417↓ 311
rtx 3060745442↓ 303
tires337629↑ -292
pencils444735↑ -291
airsoft guns624337↓ 287
microphone554838↑ -284
bracelets473757↑ -284
pool vacuum976693↓ 283
outdoor string lights717437↓ 280
pocket knife450727↑ -277
bar stools329606↑ -277


Here we count which brands are most frequently represented with their products among the Top 3 Products (by clicks).

The analysis is independent of the search frequency rank.

Top brands

Amazon Basics8780
365 by Whole Foods Market3371
Amazon Essentials2703
Under Armour2424
Samsung Electronics1835


Here are the brands with the biggest gains.

# Keywords CW 30# Keywords CW 29Delta
Under Armour24242147277
Amazon Essentials27032428275
Teacher Created Resources533376157
TCP Global319174145
The Children's Place477344133
Five Star542420122
Fruit of the Loom16921577115
Paper Mate568456112


Here are the brands with the biggest losses.

# Keywords CW 30# Keywords CW 29Delta
Amazon Basics878010033-1253
Kanu Surf458572-114
Sun Bum331434-103
Best Choice Products12501349-99


Products that appear most often

Here the top products that appear most often in the search term report.

Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirts, Mu (B091FNSFN1)283
Apple AirPods Pro (B07ZPC9QD4)225
Crocs Men's and Women's Duet S (B005GCCJME)218
KATCHY Indoor Insect and Flyin (B07B6RZP4H)217
Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter (B08L5M9BTJ)207
Apple AirPods with Charging Ca (B07PXGQC1Q)191
Matein Travel Laptop Backpack, (B06XZTZ7GB)189
SUUKSESS Women Wrap Bikini Set (B082PNCS7M)188
Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra (B07TVJ1BZ4)166
Beckham Hotel Collection Bed P (B01LYNW421)157
Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB (B07FT2LLLK)156
VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes Bare (B07JPYSNDP)155
Seagate Portable 2TB External (B07CRG94G3)154
Homedics Relaxation Indoor Tab (B000QTUJXS)154
Crocs Kids' Classic Clog (B096NV58NS)153
Blink Mini – Compact indoor pl (B07X6C9RMF)150
Amazon Essentials Disney Star (B08818MWTR)149
Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Ess (B07FBPRN8Y)146
EnerPlex 3-Ply Reusable Face M (B088C2WD5F)145
Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short (B07KCN4G6T)144


These products appear significantly more often in the search term report compared to the previous week:

SteamedBun Ita Bag Heart Japan (B07C84TFTF)101
Amazon Essentials Disney Star (B08818MWTR)99
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptid (B00NLR1PX0)83
Black Face Mask,100pcs Disposa (B08GSNTTNR)77
Tower Fan - SUGOAL 42” 90° Osc (B08P4Z3B5X)76
EnerPlex 3-Ply Reusable Face M (B088C2WD5F)73
Kimberly-Clark N95 Pouch Respi (B08NVDFB3R)68
Anstoy Electric with Gel Ball (B0821C1KK2)64
Coleman Sundome Tent (B09B39PXZ8)62
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5GFac (B08FYTRF6J)
TeeTurtle - The Original Rever (B07H4K9QYQ)60
Face Mask,Pack of 50 Disposabl (B08FSVQBV9)59
Ita Bag Heart Shape Window Jap (B07M9WW8S3)59
MFi Certified 5Pack 10ft i (B08VFRQ2DY)59
Wax Warmer, Femiro Hair Remova (B07JK4C34Y)56
The North Face Women's School (B071KF868V)56
Perry Ellis Reusable Rounded W (B0884VL4ZR)52
TCP Global Salon World Safety (B08FXLVHTY)49
MedicPro N95 Mask NIOSH Approv (B08VRSJBJQ)46
Skechers Men's Afterburn Memor (B00DJSRER2)46


These products appeared significantly less frequently compared to the previous week:

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Las (B07L8R5PK6)-78
SEVERINO Bug Zapper Outdoor El (B08C7YRNPK)-74
SUGOAL 42" Tower Fan with 6 Sp (B08PDDSDHY)-58
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptid (B00K6JUG4K)-56
EnerPlex Never-Leak Camping Se (B07S6SXSP6)-55
YATHON Casual Dresses for Wome (B0895GRVYV)-54
LAZLE Blood Pressure Monitor - (B07WCQVV71)-53
Crosman SNR357 .177-Caliber Pe (B01GVS1O7M)-53
Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedb (B00Z0UWV98)-52
Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shav (B004UBMRKG)-50
Ekouaer Women's Swimsuit Beach (B08B8X2SVD)-47
IntestinePro Intestine Support (B00TET0MS8)-47
B2prity Women's Monokini Front (B07QLQ2LB9)-46
SplatRball Water Bead Blaster (B08MJJGNK5)-46
B2prity Women Tankini Set Plus (B08L3FDHCD)-45
Ekouaer Women Short Sarongs Be (B07D14C8QQ)-45
Hydro Flask Water Bottle (B098HVL1N3)-43
Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Sta (B098GYY8JG)-42
XIEERDUO Women's V Neck Lace T (B08B3GCPTJ)-42
Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All- (B08F7PTF54)-41


The following products did not appear in the previous week.

Product# searchtermsBest rank
Fruit of the Loom Men's Coolzo (B09B9XJK8K)91418
Crocs Men's and Women's Classi (B09BBT7T3P)8314
Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Wid (B083GBV7M5)59393
Rose Sucking Toys for Women Pl (B09BD13GQF)542210
EZ INFLATE Luxury Double High (B07MJJPVTP)491653
SupplyAID RRS-KN95-5PK KN95 Pr (B086JD7TKZ)4021643
100PCS 3 ply black disposable (B08C7HDF1F)3619550
Donerton Wireless Earbuds, Blu (B08JYZ38P7)361385
IUGA High Waisted Leggings for (B07SRTJ427)352575
WallFlower Women's Instastretc (B09B6KHQYR)34573
Himawari Backpack/Waterproof B (B07CRW9L7H)341785
COMFYHOME 3-IN-1 Portable Air (B08QHPJG1P)3411824
Ạdụlt Tọys for Women Plẹasụre/ (B09B3NN5W5)3357
Fruit of the Loom Women's Buil (B09B9QQNR2)331061
Reading Pillow Bed Wedge Large (B07GZB5SJZ)318927
Crocs Unisex-Child Kids' Class (B0964MHF76)303802
WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam Ba (B0811Q28N6)2928313
Char- Broil Standard Portable (B00004TBJ4)299764
Masturabation Toy for Men Ergo (B099NV13DB)272702
Nike Women's Air Max 270 Runni (B08S2YLP7Y)267458

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