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Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) - An Overview

03/15/2021 • Reading time: ca. 8 min • by Trutz Fries
  1. Who can use Amazon Brand Analytics?
  2. How do you access the reports?
  3. What kind of reports does Brand Analytics provide you with?
    1. Snapshot
    2. Sales Diagnostics Report
    3. Sales Performance Trends
    4. Geographic Sales Insights
    5. Net PPM
    6. Pre-orders
    7. Traffic Diagnosis
    8. Real-time sales
    9. Forecasting and Inventory Planning
    10. Inventory condition
    11. Amazon Search Terms
    12. Repeat purchase behavior
    13. Market basket analysis
    14. Item comparison and alternative purchase behavior
    15. Customer reviews
  4. How to export the data?
  5. Conclusion

Amazon Brand Analytics is a comprehensive analytics tool provided by Amazon itself. It provides access to various reports that provide you with a wide variety of insights. Previously, Amazon Brand Analytics was known as Amazon Retail Analytics Premium (ARAP). Using Amazon Brand Analytics, you can monitor your business performance, sales trends, product performance, as well as traffic and conversion rates.

You can find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the sales for your products in a certain period or day? (Sales Diagnostic Report)
  • What is the customer behavior before, during and after a purchase on Amazon? (Item comparison and alternate report) *In which state are sales for your product highest? (Geographic Sales Insights)
  • Are your marketing campaigns actually impacting your sales? (Repeat purchase behavior report)

Who can use Amazon Brand Analytics?

In general, all Amazon sellers and vendors can access the reports as long as they are also brand owners. To do so, you must have registered your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry (Brand Registry).

How do you access the reports?

To access the reports, you must first log in to Vendor or Seller Central. For example, Vendors click on Reports and then select the Analytics sub-item. You will then be taken to the Brand Analytics overview page, where you can select the different reports.

What kind of reports does Brand Analytics provide you with?


When you open the report page, the Snapshot is always displayed at the beginning.

Amazon Snapshot Report
Figure 1: Snapshot - Overview page

The Snapshot page is a summary of other reports. Among other things, you can see there the top 10 products by revenue and sales, the top 10 products that were out of stock even though they were reordered, the products with the highest margin (from Amazon's point of view), and the products where Amazon lost the buybox most often.

Sales Diagnostics Report

The Sales Diagnostics report allows you to track revenue, sales, as well as other metrics of your ASINs. It will show you metrics such as Ordered Revnue, Ordered Units, Average Sales Price, Glance Views, Conversion Rate, RepOOS, and Lost Buy Box Price (LBB). Often Amazon shows the current value as well as the value from the previous period.

Amazon Sales diagnosis report
Figure 2: Overview of the sales diagnostics report

The results can be grouped by ASIN, main category or subcategory. In addition, there are different views that can be selected by choosing Distributor View or Sales View.

The Sales Diagnostics report is certainly one of the most important reports from Brand Analytics. More on this later in a separate article on this report.

The Sales Diagnostics Report explained in detail

More informations about the report you can find here: click here →

This report is similar to the Sales Diagnostics report, but presents the data over time.

Amazon Trends on Sales Performance Report
Figure 3: Overview of sales performance trends

In the graphical representation you can select two time freedoms:

Time line 1:

  • Units shipped
  • Value of units shipped

Time line 2:

  • Average sales price
  • Change in page views - previous period
  • Conversion change - previous period

Geographic Sales Insights

If you want to identify which areas are growing or declining in sales and what trends are emerging, then you should take a look at this report. In doing so, you have the additional option of selecting geographic areas and filtering your data geographically.

Amazon insights geographic sales report
Figure 4: Insights into geographic sales


Find out which products contribute to your brand's profitability in the Netto PPM report.

Amazon Net PPM Report
Figure 5: Overview of net PPM figures

Amazon describes the NettoPPM metric as follows:

Net profit of the product after deducting the cost of goods sold and the various agreed services such as flat-rate returns. Sales discounts are not taken into account.


The pre-orders report is used to effectively manage new product releases by closely monitoring pre-order performance.

Amazon Performances Report
Figure 6: Overview of pre-orders

Traffic Diagnosis

The Traffic Diagnostics report is useful for monitoring the development of your traffic. It presents 3 important metrics at the product, category or subcategory level: Changes in the

  • Number of page views and the change from the previous period and the previous year
  • Number of conversions and the change from the previous period and the previous year.
  • Number of page views and the change from the previous period and the previous year.

With the help of this report, you can try to determine whether actions on your part lead to higher visibility or better conversion rate. The conversion rate will also help you, for example, when setting up marketing campaigns to determine your maximum CPC, as this is significantly influenced by the conversion rate.

Amazon Traffic Diagnosis Report
Figure 7: Traffic diagnostics

Real-time sales

Enter your ASIN of a product to view real-time sales data for the last 24 hours.

Amazon Real Time Sales Report
Figure 8: Real-time sales at a glance

Forecasting and Inventory Planning

This report is used for supply chain planning to minimize the risk of inventory shortages. It shows you inventory with depleted stock so you can get an estimate of how much you need to produce to meet the demand of your product.

Amazon Forecast and Inventory Planning Report
Figure 9: Forecast and inventory planning

Inventory condition

As the name of the report suggests, it helps you to monitor your inventory on Amazon. In the process, stock updates are injected on a weekly basis. Important metrics provided here include Inventory marketable stock and Saleable stock older than 90 days.

Amazon condition of inventory report
Figure 10: State of the inventory

Amazon Search Terms

Using the Amazon Search Terms report, you can identify the most important search terms for your business and use them to optimize your text content. The report shows the most important search terms overall or at the category level. Based on the search frequency rank, the top search terms on Amazon can be sorted by number of searches for a specific time period. The search terms can thus be better evaluated for campaign and product optimization, for example. Overall, you can see the three most clicked products per search term and its click and conversion rate.

Amazon Search Terms
Figure 11: Overview of Amazon search terms

The Amazon Search Terms Report explained in detail

More informations about the report you can find here: click here →

Repeat purchase behavior

The report shows you how many orders have been received for each of your products or brands and indicates the number of unique customers who placed the orders. By matching the order numbers with the number of unique customers, you can identify products and brands that have been ordered multiple times by the same customer within the specified time period.

This also helps when planning marketing campaigns: products with a high repurchase rate allow you to invest more in PPC campaigns than if the very first purchase has to be profitable.

Amazon  Repeat purchase behavior Reports
Figure 12: Overview of purchasing behavior Repeat purchases

Market basket analysis

Determine which products are most frequently purchased together with your products. This allows you to identify opportunities for product combinations, cross-selling or product range extensions.

Amazon Market basket analysis Report
Figure 13: Market basket analysis

Item comparison and alternative purchase behavior

Which products do consumers compare before they buy? Which products do consumers buy instead of your product? The Article Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behavior report provides you with these answers. Identify product differentiators based on the most viewed/purchased products and develop targeted product campaigns based on the most viewed/purchased products.

Amazon item comparison and alternative purchase behavior report
Figure 14: Item comparison and alternative purchase behavior

Customer reviews

Monitor customer ratings and reviews with this report. Among other things, the report shows you the number of customer reviews and the average customer rating. Important: You will not see the number of star ratings here, only the reviews.

AMALYTIX also helps you to monitor your reviews. With AMALYTIX, you will have a closer look at your reviews and see not only individual numbers, but also the review texts. With the help of the information AMALYTIX provides you with, you get the necessary knowledge to e.g..

  • Explain sales changes (both positive and negative),
  • implement product improvements,
  • add missing or important information to listings that customers often misunderstand,
  • comment on negative reviews in a timely manner to find a solution with the buyer and turn a negative review into a less critical one.
Amazon customer reviews report
Figure 15: Overview of customer reviews

How to export the data?

In general, you can generate data on a daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis. The export of this data works either via a direct export as an Excel workbook or a CSV file. The report can also be generated on a regular basis, e.g. weekly. One then receives an email when the report has been generated. This can then be downloaded. The report itself does not come as an attachment.


Amazon Brand Analytics is a powerful and (by now) free Amazon tool, which provides you as an Amazon Seller and Vendor with important information for your marketing and product sales. Therefore, be sure to make use of this free tool and take advantage of all its benefits.

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