Amazon Alerts


Alert Overview

As soon as you have more than 10 ASINs up and running, it becomes a tedious task to keep an eye on all of them every day. However, you need to check your listings regularly as lots of things can happen which you want to avoid, e.g.

  • a new seller can jump on your listing and
  • you lose the buybox for one of your top sellers
  • you get a negative review
  • your listing content changes (to the worse)

How can AMALYTIX support you

Keeping an eye on your products, your seller account, your vendor account, your reviews, etc., is one of the core features in AMALYTIX, and you should take the time to tailor them to your needs. It is essential to find the right mix to avoid missing details while not receiving unnecessary alerts.

Alerts for sellers and vendors

In AMALYTIX, you have to configure the alerts for the different product lists. You can configure alers for "Seller Products", "Vendor Products" and our "Watchlist" separately.

Alert Types

Alerts for Seller

Review and Question alert

Prices & Buybox






Customer Satisfaction

  • New potential eligible refund found
  • Status Change
  • Negative seller feedback
  • Positive seller feedback


  • Amazon marketing budget used


  • Deal Status changed

Alerts for Vendors


Reviews and Questions

Prices & Buybox




  • Deal status changed


  • Purchase order change

Product listing

  • Product content changed
  • Product replenishment code changed
  • Product classification changed
  • Product lost in vendor catalog
  • New product found in vendor catalog

Available Amazon reports

You can also export all alerts as a report. Go to the report Alerts and set the marketplace and the appropriate time if necessary.

Alerts report

  • Description: contains all alerts for the specified period and marketplace
  • Type: Seller and Vendor
  • Category: Alerts

You can find a list of all columns of this report here →.