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Amazon reviews have a significant impact on the buying decision. Successful sellers and vendors have a transparent process of dealing with negative reviews. AMALYTIX supports the fast identification of new reviews as well as their handling.

Many buyers use reviews as part of their purchase decision. Products without reviews, poor top reviews, or a poor overall rating are less likely to be purchased than similar products that score well in these areas.

As a seller and as a vendor, you should therefore keep the following elements in mind:

  • the overall rating of their products
  • the number of Amazon reviews (reviews + star ratings)
  • the rating of the top reviews
  • the reviews in detail (what do customers praise and criticize?)

With the help of this information, you get the necessary knowledge e.g.

  • explain sales changes (both positive and negative)
  • implement product improvements
  • add missing or important information to listings that customers often misunderstand

How does AMALYTIX assist in monitoring Amazon reviews?

AMALYTIX does four things for you:

  1. AMALYTIX checks once a day if there are new reviews for your products
  2. AMALYTIX checks once a day if the rating of an existing review has changed
  3. AMALYTIX checks once a day if a new comment has been added to the most recent reviews (age < 30 days))
  4. AMALYTIX checks once a week if an existing review has been deleted


Amazon reviews every review before it is published. In our experience, this can take up to 4 days. The review is then nevertheless published with dçem date of creation. This gives the impression that AMALYTIX finds this review days later. But this is not the case. We check every 24h if there are new reviews.

Use of the review module

Here are the most important tips:

Filter Relevant Reviews

If you focus on neutral and negative reviews, filter out all 4- or 5-star reviews. To do this, set the filter accordingly (1).

Amalytix Reviews

Filter New Reviews

You can assign a status to each review (New, Being Processed or Complete). This way, you can hide the reviews you already know (2).

Sort According to Date / Review

Filter reviews, e.g., by date descending (newest reviews first) or rating (worst reviews first). Just click multiple times to change the sort order from ascending to descending and vice versa.

Status Change

If you actively follow up on reviews, you can update the current status via the three statuses. This way, you or other employees always have an overview of which review is new, in progress, or already completed.

Amalytix Reviews

Internal notes

Assign additional notes as needed that only you will see. For example, you can document agreements and the result of each evaluation.

Use ChatGPT Assistant

Select individual or all reviews, click "Actions," and open the ChatGPT Assistant.


First, you need to select a prompt. A prompt is a kind of instruction or question you want to ask ChatGPT Assistant. You can either define your prompt in the settings or use a predefined prompt from AMALYTIX.

After that, you select the target language, the language you want to receive an answer.


After you have selected the prompt and the target language, click "Run." In our example, we now see a summary of the selected reviews:


Under "Settings," click "Assistants" to create or edit an assistant.


Click on "Statistics" to see your review development over time:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

Here, you get the aggregated history of new reviews over time. Click on "Filter" to filter by a specific period, product, or brand.

Amazon Top Products

Under "Top Products," you can see the ten products with the most reviews and those with the most positive and negative reviews.


You can subscribe to the following information about reviews:

  • Negative product review: Triggers when a negative review is detected. Negative means 1,2, or 3 stars.
  • Positive product review: Triggers when a positive review is detected. Positive means 4 or 5 stars.
  • Average rating changed: Triggers when the rating of a product has changed.
  • Existing review was changed: Triggers if the content of an existing review was changed, e.g., the rating.
  • Review deleted: Triggers if a single review got deleted (checked weekly)
  • Product listing number of reviews changed: Triggers when the number of reviews of a listing decreases.
  • New review comment: Triggers if a new comment to a review was found.

Go to Settings / Alerts to activate one or more of these alerts.

Available Amazon reports

You also have the possibility of exporting specific key figures as a report. To do this, go to the Reviews Report and set a marketplace and a start and end date, if necessary, to limit the result.

Reviews report

  • Description: contains all reviews for the specified period and marketplace
  • Type: Seller and Vendor
  • Category: Customer Feedback

You can find a list of all columns of this report here →.

Further knowledge and practical advice about Amazon reviews

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