Content product detail page

Monitoring of product listings

On this page, you can monitor the content of your product listings. With the help of snapshot monitoring, you can see all changes on the product detail page at a glance. You also can make changes on AMALYTIX and transfer them to Amazon.

Overview Product Detail page

Click on the product title on the overview page to go to the product detail page.

Overview Product Detail page

The following content relates to the Seller products and Vendor products pages.

Listing Editor

On the "Listing Editor" page, you can store the title, bullet points, description, keywords, and brand store ID as a snapshot.

Listing Editor

Keyword research

On the left side, you can add relevant keywords (1). You can see the relevance of individual keywords based on the search frequency rank (SR). The keywords used are highlighted.

You can remove unsuitable keywords by clicking on the trash can icon.

If you click on "Get keyword suggestions" (2), you will receive additional keyword bombs based on two to three initial keywords.

With a click on "Hide," you can hide the keyword space.

Snapshot view

Next to the keyword list you will see the different content elements of the snapshots.

To compare the snapshots with the current version on Amazon, move the slider to the right "Show snapshots and live version" (3).

Next to the snapshot you can see your defined limits under Limit for all elements. These are taken from your LQI settings (4). Next to the limits you will find the current length of your title, bullet points, description and keywords. The value turns green if it is smaller than the limit and red if it is not.

If you want to change individual elements of the content, you can easily do it on AMALYTIX. For example, you can set a new title or place new keywords in the bullet points. With a click on "Push data to Amazon" you can transfer your snapshot data to Amazon (6).

Push data to amazon


This feature is available from the "Large" plan.

You can specify whether you want to transfer all changes or only individual changes to Amazon.

Upload snapshots via CSV file

In general, you have two options for storing your snapshots:

  1. You store the snapshots for each product individually on the product detail page. Follow the instructions on this page.
  2. You use our CSV upload to upload snapshots for many products simultaneously.

You can find this under Settings / Products / Upload snapshots:

Upload Snapshots

There select the product list you want to update.

Under Download CSV, you can download a template beforehand.

With the help of the multiple selections on the overview page, you can also download your snapshots again, e.g., to transfer them to Amazon again:

Upload Snapshots

AI Assistant

With the help of the ChatGPT assistant, you can quickly and efficiently check your listings and discover the possible need for action. For example, you can have your listing or individual parts of the listing translated or checked for spelling errors.

Click on "Open AI Assistant" to open the ChatGPT Assistant.

Ai Assistant

First, you select a so-called prompt. The prompt describes the command or the request to ChatGPT. You have defined this prompt in the settings before. But there are also predefined prompts from AMALYTIX that you can use.

Then you select the target language. In our example, we want to translate a listing into English.

After selecting the prompt and the target language, click "Run." In our example, we will then get the translated product listing in the response field:

Ai Assistant

Under "Settings," click "Assistants" to create or edit an assistant.

One-click optimization

With the help of our One-click optimization you can quickly improve your Amazon listing. You can find the One-click optimization next to the AI-Assistant button.

Ai Assistant

The one-click optimization is also a ChatGPT integration. We send the current title, bullet points, description, and the keywords along with the keywords from the keyword list on the left to ChatGPT, together with a predefined prompt.

Once the optimized listing is returned, you decide which of the improvements you want to incorporate into your snapshot and which not.

Ai Assistant

You can make final changes within the snapshot view and transfer the updated listing to Amazon once you are happy.

Monitor Amazon images

In the tab Images, you can manage the images of a product listing. Upload pictures to AMALYTIX here and move them within the snapshot.

Monitor images

The page is divided into two sections. On the left side, you can create folders with product images. To create a new folder, click on the + icon (1) and name the folder. Then you can upload images in the folder (2). To delete an image, click on the trash icon.

On the right side, you will see the current product images on Amazon at the bottom. Click on "Import from Amazon" (3) to upload all images from the product detail page to AMALYTIX. Above, you can set snapshots. Use the mouse to drag the newly uploaded images to the snapshots.

To update the product images on Amazon, click "Push data to Amazon" (4).

Extended listing editor

In the extended listing editor, you can store all product information and upload it to Amazon with one click.

Extended listing editor

Depending on the product type, you can store information in the following areas:

  • Key data
  • Content
  • Images
  • Offer
  • Variations
  • Packaging
  • Compliance
  • Other

Last changes

You can track the latest changes made to the product detail page on this page.

All changes are displayed, regardless of whether you made them or someone else did.

Last changes

Logs verification

Under Logs, we show you whether a change you initiated via AMALYTIX was successfully transferred to Amazon or not:


If there is an error, it will be displayed here. Therefore, check your transfer for possible errors and correct them. Then start the transfer again.