Under Settings, you will be able to select various settings concerning your account with AMALYTIX.

Account details

Please enter your details here so that you receive an invoice with your billing address and correctly stated VAT if you have booked a paid plan.

Entering the account data in AMALYTIX

Amazon APIs

Amazon Selling Partner API

To connect your Seller / Vendor account to the new Amazon Selling Partner API, please click the button below:

Connect the seller account to the Amazon selling partner API in AMALYTIX

After logging in to your seller account, Amazon will direct you to the following page, where you will finalize the approval.

Authorize Selling-Partner API in AMALYTIX

The connection is then established.

Important: Vendors need to add the marketplace and vendor code for each connection.

Edit Vendor API Account

Amazon Advertising API

To analyze the revenues and costs of your Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns, AMALYTIX needs access to the Amazon Advertising API (AAP). For continued access, you must grant this access once. AMALYTIX will never receive the credentials you enter during authorization. You can disable access at any time via the Login with Amazon portal.

Connect the Amazon Advertising

Value added tax (VAT)

Here you can set which VAT should be considered for which marketplace.

Does Amazon create all the invoices for you?

If you use Amazon's sales tax reporting service, the information below will not be used.

Set Amazon VAT rates per marketplace in AMALYTIX


Buybox monitoring

Here you can set how often AMALYTIX should monitor the buybox. By default, AMALYTIX monitors the buybox once a day (24). Enter a value of 1 and 24 here to select other periods. 1 means that AMALYTIX checks the buybox every hour.

Seller products comparison period

Here you can specify the number of days to which the financial figures of the Seller Products page should refer. By default, 30 days are set here. We recommend a multiple of 7 days, e.g., 7, 14, 28 days, to compare whole weeks. Enter a value between 7 and 60 here to choose other periods.

Monitor other sellers' prices

If you want to monitor the prices of the sellers attached to the products on the Seller Products list or Watchlist, enable the following options.

Options for monitoring the prices of other Amazon sellers in AMALYTIX

This feature is available only from the "Large" plan.


If you would like to sign an agreement with us in the role of a data processor, please use the following agreement (German only). Please sign it and send it to We will countersign it and send it to you via email.


At this point you can connect AMALYTIX with other apps. Currently we offer a link with the project management tool "Asana".

Connect AMALYTIX with other apps

As soon as the link is set up, you can, for example, transfer the notes from AMALYTIX directly to Asana in order to create a so-called "task" there.

Amalytix alert settings overview

A window then opens in which you must first select a project. The other selection fields will be filled afterwards:

Creating a task for a conntected app in AMALYTIX