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Amazon Brand Analytics - Repeat Purchase Behavior Report Explained

03/26/2021 • Reading time: ca. 3 min • by Trutz Fries
  1. What metrics are displayed in the Purchase Behavior Repeat Purchases report?
  2. How can you use the Repeat Purchase Behavior report?
  3. Conclusion
Purchase Behavior Repeat purchases preview
Figure 1: Purchase Behavior Repeat purchases preview

On Amazon, it's essential for both sellers and vendors to know their customers' behavior. But this is only possible if you learn to understand your customers and analyze their behavior. The Repeat Purchase Behavior Report in Amazon Brand Analytics helps you learn more about the buying behavior of your customers.

What metrics are displayed in the Purchase Behavior Repeat Purchases report?

Amazon shows you the number of orders placed for each product over a period of time, as well as the number of customers who placed those orders. Repeat purchases always occur when the number of orders exceeds the number of customers. In addition, Amazon shows the revenue in euros that was generated per product with repeat purchases.

The most important metrics of the report are therefore the orders and unique customers. An order can include multiple quantities of the product and thus differ from the units ordered. The unique customers metric shows the (unique) customers who placed an order each time. These two values allow you, as the brand owner, to identify products or brands that have been ordered multiple times by a customer in a given time period.

If the number of orders matches the number of customers, then there was exactly one order per customer for that item, even if the customer ordered the item multiple times within the order. You can filter the report by category, subcategory, brand, and time period, among others.

Below you will find an overview of all key figures in the report:

Key figureExplanation
ASINThe ASIN is the Amazon Standard Identification Number. The unique identifier is assigned to all products offered on Amazon.
Product TitleThe product title is the product name of your product.
OdersThis key figure shows the number of orders. One order may contain several copies of a product and may differ from the ordered units.
Unique CustomersThe number of customers shows the unique customers who placed an order in the selected time period.

Additional key figure: Multiple customers: % of total (displayed percentage of total). Example: If there were 41 orders but only 39 customers, then Amazon divides here 2/39 = 5.13%.
Repeat Purchase RevenueThis key figure indicates the order turnover of multiple customers (goods returns are not taken into account).

Additional key figures: Revenue from repeat purchases: % of total (displayed percentage of total), Revenue from repeat purchases: Previous period (compared to previous time frame)

You cannot break down in this report exactly which customer triggers how many orders, how much revenue the individual customer generates and which products they have purchased from you.

You can only see whether a product has been ordered more than once by a customer. From this you can see, for example, how satisfied the customer is with the product.

How can you use the Repeat Purchase Behavior report?

You can use the report to identify the products that are most likely to be purchased repeatedly. For example, sort by Revenue from repeat purchases in descending order to see the products that generate the highest revenue from repeat purchases. With this knowledge, you can now readjust your marketing campaigns, for example. For products with a high probability of repeat purchases, you can invest more money in the first conversion, as this product will continue to generate further revenue for you after the first purchase. So you can accept higher click prices and increase your maximum bid on these products.

If you find that you are not yet promoting products with repeat purchases, then you should change this as soon as possible. It will help you attract more repeat buyers to your brand in the future.

PPC Campaign Optimization

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The Repeat Purchases Behavior report is one of the most interesting reports from Amazon Brand Analytics , in which you should definitely take a look. An analysis of the repeat purchase behavior report offers you many possibilities. For example, you can use the analysis to develop a strategy on how to increase your base of repeat buyers, or to assess whether your campaigns are attracting one-time or returning customers. All in all, this report offers you a lot of valuable insights that you should definitely use for your brand and products.

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