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Amazon Brand Story: How to tell your Brand Story

11/23/2021 • Reading time: ca. 9 min • by Trutz Fries
  1. What is the Amazon brand story?
  2. Requirements for the creation of the Brand Story
  3. How do I create the Amazon Brand Story?
  4. Advantages of the Amazon Brand Story
  5. Amazon content monitoring by AMALYTIX
  6. Conclusion

The Amazon Brand Story is an extension of the A+ content, in addition to the Enhanced Product Description. Amazon Sellers and Vendors add this to the product detail page to - as the name suggests - tell the story of their brand. With the help of a brand story, you have the opportunity to focus on features that make your brand unique. Through informative and compelling content, customers build a relationship with your brand and you stand out from the competition.

Do you want to give your brand more exposure on Amazon and benefit from a positive brand image? We explain in a step-by-step guide how to successfully create a brand story and what benefits are associated with it.

What is the Amazon brand story?

The Amazon Brand Story appears on the product detail page of the selected ASIN in a new section above the manufacturer's enhanced product description (also called A+ content). The Brand Story, in combination with the enhanced product description, forms the A+ Content.

Example of an Amazon brand story
Example of an Amazon brand story

The terminology gets a little mixed up here. Previously, there was only the "enhanced product description", which is often called A+ content. Technically, this is not quite correct, as the A+ content consists of the enhanced product description and the brand story, as already mentioned.

With the help of the Brand Story, Amazon sellers can introduce their brand in detail by adding more text and Figure elements to the product listing.

The brand story can be created flexibly due to its modular structure. Similar to A+ content, you can choose between four different module templates and decide for yourself the order in which the individual modules are presented.

The Amazon Brand Story enables you to tell more about yourself, your products, and the people behind the products. This arouses emotions and ultimately the consumer's interest in buying.

Retailers have been able to create an Amazon brand story since 2020, but until a few months ago, the brand story always consisted of the same three modules.

Former Brand Story
Former Brand Story

The brand story was structured so that you included a photo on the left side, the brand logo in the middle, and on the right side you answered the questions, "How we got our start?" "What makes our product unique?" and "Why we love what we do?".

Since the introduction of the updated or new brand story, Amazon sellers have had the opportunity to showcase their brand in more detail. The main component is a large Figure, which is in the background. Different elements can be placed on it, arranged like in a carousel. By clicking on the right arrow, more elements of the brand history are shown. Another innovation is that you can link other products and to the brand store within the Brand Story.

Brand Story
Brand Story

Requirements for the creation of the Brand Story

  • Amazon Vendors automatically qualify to create A+ content and therefore also qualify to create a Brand Story
  • Participants in an Amazon-managed sales program such as Amazon Exclusives also have automatic access.
  • Amazon Sellers have to register their brand in the Amazon Brand Registry to benefit from the Brand Story. You learn how to register your brand in our article on the Amazon Brand Registry.

How do I create the Amazon Brand Story?

In Seller Central, under the "Advertising" tab, click "A+ Content Manager":

Here you find the A+ Content Manager in Seller Central
Here you find the A+ Content Manager in Seller Central

In Vendor Central click on "A+ Content Manager" under the "Marketing" tab to create or edit the brand story.

Otherwise, the following steps are the same for sellers and vendors.

Then click "Start creating A+ content":

Create A+ content
Create A+ content

And choose "Create a Brand Story”:

Create a Brand Story
Create a Brand Story

First, you'll give the content a name and choose the language in which you want your content to be written:

Select a language and give the Brand Story a name
Select a language and give the Brand Story a name

The brand story consists of different modules that can be arranged as you like, like in a modular system. Regarding the display on mobile phones, you only need to adjust graphics that contain text. Amazon automatically adjusts the size of the text and figures. When creating the brand story, first select the Figure that will be in the background:

Insert a background image
Insert a background image

To add more modules, click "Add Module" under the background image. Amazon offers the following four templates for modules:

Amazon's templates for the modules
Amazon's templates for the modules

You can use the individual modules as often as you like.

When you have completed your selection regarding the modules, upload the figures and the appropriate content. Amazon will specify exactly where figures and text can be used. You do not have to fill in every field, Amazon automatically reformats the template if fields are not filled in.

If you want to remove individual modules later, then click on the "X" at the top-right edge of the module.

Once you are satisfied with the content you have created, you can save the design and in the next step specify the ASINs to be applied to that content. Add all the ASINs to the corresponding brand.

Selection of ASINs for the Brand Story
Selection of ASINs for the Brand Story

Finally, click on "Next: Review and Submit". Now you will see the brand story previewed. When previewing, you can check how the Brand Story will appear on desktop and mobile. Check the brand story thoroughly and check for spelling errors before submitting the brand story for approval.


The brand story can be used independently of the enhanced product description. So if you don't have the time to add A+ content to your products, you can start by rolling out your brand story to all products, as it works independently of the product.

According to Amazon, your submitted content will be approved or rejected within seven days of submission. If your brand story is rejected, you will receive an explanation from Amazon about what changes need to be made. Approved content will usually be displayed on the details page within 24 hours.

If you choose to add a brand story to your product detail page, the overall look and content should be engaging and cohesive. Plan the brand story like a story. Each module has a specific goal. Ask yourself what you want to tell your customers about the brand: What makes your brand and products unique? Why and what social projects does the brand support? Show the founders and the people behind the brand today to develop a personal relationship. It is important to write the texts short, precise, and simple so that everyone can easily understand them. The figures are also crucial. Make sure the figures look professional and are in high resolution.

Example of a successful brand story:

Example of a successful brand story
Example of a successful brand story

The brand "Parissa" succeeds in convincing the customer of the products for home waxing with the use of the brand story. Through the woman in the background, other women should feel addressed and the brand story tells how the brand was founded. In the other modules, they show the different products they offer and a link to the Brand Store

Advantages of the Amazon Brand Story

The benefits of A+ content, and therefore Amazon Brand Story, are many and varied. Read general advantages of A+ content in our related article on the A+ Content.

  • In general, the Brand Story informs customers about the brand's history and values. Customers should identify with your values. Explain your brand's vision by presenting the company's core beliefs and values
  • Use the brand story to link your products to the brand and thus build brand awareness: if customers are satisfied with the product, they will associate the product with the brand and build trust in your brand. If another product from your brand is suggested to the customer, the customer will be more likely to buy the product because they have already had a positive experience with your brand
  • Emotionalizing the product: if a customer has trust in your brand, this will have a huge impact on the purchase decision. A meaningful, emotional brand story underscores the values of your brand. To emotionalize the brand, it is helpful to show the people behind the brand
  • The brand story strengthens customer loyalty: Amazon sellers and vendors have the chance to convey a meaningful figure of the brand. Appealing figures and text can create a bond between brand and customer
  • Brand story allows you to stand out from the competition: show customers what makes your brand unique, so customers prefer your products over the competition

Finally, with Amazon's brand story you can improve your market position, which positively affects further sales.

Amazon content monitoring by AMALYTIX

For your success on Amazon, your product listings and their contents must be continuously monitored. With our Amazon Seller Tool and Amazon Vendor Tool AMALYTIX this is possible.

AMALYTIX monitors all elements of your content. From the title to the A+ content, our tool analyzes your product listing in detail and provides valuable recommendations for optimization. In addition, we not only look at the actual state but also compare it with the previous day or the target state defined by you. We check daily if anything has changed in your product listing. If so, you will automatically receive a note and thus maintain a complete overview every day.


If you want to stand out from your competitors on Amazon, you should create an Amazon Brand Story. Through the brand story, you can introduce your brand to customers in the best possible way and highlight unique selling points. Through informative and compelling content, customers can build a relationship with your brand, which has a huge impact on how customers perceive products.

Brand storytelling is not about directly increasing conversions rates or other sales figures. The focus is on building brand awareness. Most Amazon shoppers are looking for a product and not a brand, however, with the brand story you now have the opportunity to showcase your brand on the product detail page.

The brand story appears above the A+ content. Presenting your brand story in this area will save you additional modules in the enhanced product description.

An additional advantage of the Brand Story is that you only need to create it once and then you can apply it to all of the brand's ASINs. So take the time to create a compelling brand story once and benefit from it across all products.

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