Optimizing the Amazon product title in 2023

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For a successful marketing of your product, you should optimize the product listing especially with regard to Amazon SEO (opens new window). There are a few things to consider. The optimization already starts with the Amazon product title. This is not only part of what a potential customer sees first in the search queries, but the keywords contained in it play an important role in the findability of the product on Amazon.

Where is the Amazon product title displayed?

The Amazon product title is displayed in the title of each product, both on the product detail page and in the search results.

Amazon product title display on Amazon
Figure 1: Amazon product title display on Amazon

In addition, the product title used in Amazon is also played out in Google search results. It serves as a link to your Amazon product.

Amazon product title display on Google
Figure 2: Amazon product title display on Google

In addition, the product title is a central element for Amazon Advertising, because the product title is also the title for the Amazon Sponsored Products (opens new window) ads (see Figure 1).

Please note, however, that the product title is displayed slightly shorter in both the mobile view and the view in the app (maximum 80 characters). You should remember this when creating your product title so that it is not cut off (see Figure 3).

Amazon product title display mobile
Figure 3: Amazon product title display mobile

What specifications does Amazon give you for your product title?

In the past, Amazon allowed 500 characters for a product title, nowadays it is only a maximum of 200 characters (technically). The reason for this was the misuse of keywords. Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendors listed many keywords one after the other without context, just to rank well with your product.

Amazon currently even generally advises a title length of 80-100 characters and only in exceptional cases 150 characters. In addition, Amazon has defined in detail the maximum length and structure of a product title for each category in its style guide.

maximum title length title structure
Electronics 150 characters brand + series/ model (-number) + key features + quantity + color
Clothing 150 characters brand + name of department + style/form + product name + model name + opacity* + article number + "er Pack"
Alcoholic beverages 80 characters brand/winery + product name + composition / primary grape variety + vintage + degree of sweetness + (number of bottles "x" net volume of the product (in l))
Shoes and Accessories 150 characters brand + department + style name + model name + product name
Watches 150 characters brand + target audience + "watch" + display + movement type + "with" + strap type + "bracelet" + article number
Jewelry 150 characters brand + department* + product type + "off" + precious metal stamp + metal type + "with" + stone shape + stone type + size per bead + other basic features
Lighting 150 characters Brand + model number + model name + product name + short description
Suitcases and Travel Bags 150 characters brand name + product type + model name + item length + unit of measurement for dimensions + volume or capacity + unit of measurement for volume + number of wheels + "wheels" + color + lock type
Luggage sets 150 characters brand name + product type + model name + number of items + "-parts" + color
Travel Accessories 150 characters Brand Name + Product Type + Model Name + Color
Pet supplies 80 characters brand + product name + product description + color variation - Child Variation + size variation - Child Variation
Sport and leisure 80 characters brand + department/target group + product type + product name

In addition, you have to consider some more prohibitions which affect your Amazon product title:

  1. Forbidden special characters (e.g. "!, ?, *)
  2. Subjectively formulated comments and words (e.g. "New, no shipping, on offer, bestseller...")
  3. Prices and descriptions of condition
  4. Listing of compatible products
  5. Only lower or upper case letters and numeric words

If you do not follow Amazon's guidelines, the product may be removed and hidden from Amazon search results.

When creating the product title, please note that you must have previously registered the Amazon trademark, otherwise you will not have write access. Furthermore, only as an Amazon Seller you have the possibility to design the title to a large extent yourself. As Amazon Vendor you have hardly any influence on your title. Amazon automatically creates the product titles for vendors from the attribute values you specify. However, you can try to have the title changed via a support request. Whether this happens in the end is a matter of luck.

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What is the Amazon product title's function and how can you optimize it?

The product title is especially important for the Amazon search algorithm A9 (opens new window). The search words or keywords placed in the product title have an influence on the relevance of your product. The title is therefore one of the most important sources of keywords for the search algorithm. If possible, write 2-3 main keywords in a meaningful phrase in your title. Because next to the backend (opens new window) and bullet point (opens new window) keywords, the keywords in the title are most important.

In addition, the product title should attract the attention of the customer on the one hand, and on the other hand, it should prove to be sales-promoting. So think about what makes your product stand out and how it differs from your competitors. This could be a certain material, a special color or a special function. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers when you are searching for a title. A title that consists only of a series of search terms does not look appealing.

The first title determines the URL of the product.
Example of a product title with many keywords lined up
Figure 4: Example of a product title with many keywords lined up
Example for a non meaningful product title
Figure 5: Example for a non meaningful product title


We recommend that you use the Amazon Styleguide as a guide so that you do not run the risk of your product being hidden. Also, when creating your product title, do not forget to use the mobile view so that your product title can be displayed there in full length. Use our tips to create a good, sales-promoting Amazon product title and try to stand out from your competitors.

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