Monitor Amazon Vendor Inventory

Overview stock level

Overview of the Amazon vendor inventory in AMALYTIX

Under "Vendor Inventory," you can view your current stock level from Amazon. We provide you with critical key figures to calculate how long your stock will last.

Filter options

You can choose between the following filter options:

Filter options in the Amazon vendor inventory in AMALYTIX

Key Figures explained

The following columns are available:

  • Market
  • Product: Click the "Expanded mode" to see the product's main image and EAN and brand name.
  • Sales: The critical figure shows you the number of units sold of your product.
  • Duration in days
  • Replenishment Code: The inventory replenishment category indicates whether or not Amazon will reorder the products again.
  • Sell through rate: This formula tells you the percentage of your stock that was actually sold.
  • Sellable (Units): The critical figure shows you the current stock figure of your product.
  • Sellable (Costs): The critical figure shows you the costs associated with the sale.
  • Unsellable (Units): Unsellable in-stock units metric includes inventory in Amazon shipping centers that cannot be sold due to condition on the last day of the selected time.
  • Unsellable (Cost): The vlaue of the unsellable products in stock
  • Overstock (Units): Inventory units that are marked as overstock by Amazon
  • Overstock (cost): The value of the units that are overstocked
  • Aged 90+ days sellable inventory: Inventory older than 90 days denotes the inventory in Amazon shipping centers at least 90 days senior and in salable condition on the last day of the selected time (in Euros).
  • Unfulfilled ordered units: Units that the vendor was not able to send to Amazon
  • Net received (units): Number of units received by Amazon after deducting the untis Amazon sent back
  • Net received (cost): The value of the by Amazon received units after deducting the units that Amazon sent back
  • Open PO units: Number of units that still have to be shipped or are on their way to Amazon
  • Out-of-stock rate: The ratio between the amount of views where the product was out of stock and the total amount of views
  • Receive fill rate: Expresses the amount of received units of a purchase order in comparison to the confirmed quantity in percent. Fill Rate = Received Quantity ÷ confirmed quantity
  • Vendor confirmation rate: Accepted Quantity ÷ Quantity submitted by Amazo

Available Amazon reports

You also have the option to export specific metrics as a report. To do this, go to one of the Vendor Inventory (by days/current) reports and, if necessary, set the appropriate marketplace and start and end dates to narrow down the result.

Vendor Inventory report (weekly)

  • Description: Inventory development (Vendor) over time
  • Type: Vendor
  • Category: Availability