Amazon Promotions

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Our new version of the Promotions page makes monitoring your Promotions even easier.


On the left, you will see a bar that is green when the promotion is active, grey when the promotion has expired, and red if the promotion has been cancelled.

Furthermore, we provide you with the following information:

  • When the promotion was created, as well as the start and expiry dates
  • The name of the product for which the promotion was created, as well as the ASIN, which you can find by clicking on the grey arrow
  • The type of promotion. Here, we differentiate between:
  1. Price Discount: A standard promotion
  2. Best Deal: A promotion that offers even more discounts
  3. Lightning Deal: A time-limited promotion that is active for only a few hours
  • The amount of discount given under "Spent" as well as the number of views
  • The quantity of products sold, the revenue, and the status of whether the promotion was confirmed or cancelled. Amazon can withdraw a promotion if the stock of a product is running low. For this, we have created an additional new notice that you can find under the "Marketing" section in alerts.