Set Amazon Alerts

AMALYTIX allows you to define who should receive which alert for which products via which channel very granularly.

For example, the following rules are possible:

  • Johanna Müller receives via Slack all notices about content changes of the German marketplace.
  • Jonas Gärtner receives via eMail all notices about reviews of the brand Adidas
  • Thomas Schmidt, Sven Krüger, and Toni Kroos receive via eMail all hints about availability for all products with the tag "focus products"
  • Königsmann receives all notices about new sellers on the listing via Slack to the channel "Highjacker"
  • ...

Create a new alert rule

You create a new rule in three simple steps:

  1. Select name and channel
  2. Select alerts
  3. Select product groups or products

1. Select name and channel

In the first step, assign any name to help you understand the rule later.

The priority is not currently observed by the system. All hints will be treated in the same way. Later it will be possible to filter by priority.

In the Status field, you can specify whether the rule becomes active immediately or remains paused for now.

Then, in the Channel field, select whether you want to receive the hint.

  • via e-mail
  • via Slack
  • or only want to save it in AMALYTIX without notification

Channel "Global"

The channel "Global" has a special meaning. Here you can make steps three that apply to all further tips. This is useful, for example, if you want to limit all additional information to a particular product group and do not want to store these settings in each tip rule individually.

Here you can see an example for the channel "E-Mail." In this case, you can specify one or more recipients and define the subject line if desired.

Create Alert

For Channel, you can also set it to "Slack." Here you have to enter the webhook URL and the Channel to receive the messages. You can find further instructions for setting up webhooks here →.

Slack Setting

2. Select alerts

Select all hints that you want to activate in this rule on the second page.

Select Alerts

3. Select product groups or products

In the last step, you can narrow down the products to the rule.

The following options are available here, which can be combined using an AND operation:

  • Marketplace
  • tags
  • Brands
  • List of products
  • List of ASINs
  • All products except certain ASINs

For example, you can define the following restrictions:

  • All products for the German marketplace
  • All products with the tag "focus products"
  • All products with the tag "Adidas"
  • The products with the ASINs B0123456789, B0123456788, B0123456787, B0123456786, ..., B0123456781
  • All products except the ASINs B01ABCDEFGB, B01ABCDEFFA, B01ABCDEFEC, B01ABCDEFCD

Combinations are also possible:

  • All products of the Italian or German marketplace of the brand "Nike" with the tag "Summer2020".
  • All products on the German marketplace offered by the seller account
Select Products

When you have set everything, save the new hint rule.

Change or deactivate existing rules

You can change, delete or pause existing rules at any time.

Alert Settings

To pause a rule, click Edit under Options and change the status.

To delete a rule, click the trash icon under Options.