Default dashboard

Here we show you selected metrics with direct links to the corresponding section within AMALYTIX. Use this page to get a first insight about how your account is doing.

Overview relevant metrics

AMALYTIX dashboard

On this page we present the relevant metrics related to your Amazon Seller and/or Amazon Vendor account.

You will see key figures for:

  • Performance
  • Content
  • Availability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Advertising

Seller und Vendor performance

Based on last seven days, 28 days, current month:

  • revenue
  • sales
  • average price
  • profit after cost of goods

Amazon content

  • Number of content changes in the last seven days. Here we only count changes that are displayed within AMAYLTIX. Email Alerts are not counted here.
    • product title has changed
    • bullet points have changed
    • A+ Content has changed
    • the main image has changed
    • other pictures have changed
    • book description has changed
  • Number of content differences to your [Snapshots](/kb/content/produktliste/#consistent with your snapshots)
  • LQI deviations (how many products have an LQI < 100)
  • Number of products without A+ content (A+ Premium is also counted)

Product availability

  • Not available: The product cannot be bought at the moment
  • Buybox lost: Number of products for which the seller or Amazon does not have the buybox
  • Low Stock: Number of products with a range of fewer than 30 days
  • High Stock: Number of products with a range of more than 90 days
  • Out-of-stock: The product has no FBA stock (seller)

Customer satisfaction

The numbers are based either the last day or on the last seven days.

  • New reviews
    • New reviews overall
    • New positive reviews (4 and 5 stars)
    • New negative reviews (1, 2, and 3 stars)
  • New questions on the listing
  • Seller feedback (only seller)
    • Total number of ratings
    • Number of positive reviews
    • Number of negative ratings

In this article, you will discover how to effectively monitor Amazon reviews using AMALYTIX.

Amazon advertising

The numbers are based on either the last 7 or 28 days.

  • Turnover
  • Orders
  • Costs
  • ACoS (costs divided by sales)

Here, you will learn how to monitor your Amazon advertising using AMALYTIX.