Amazon Vendor Products

Overview of all products

On the "Vendor Products" page, we give you a product overview of all products from your vendor account. Here are a few tips on customizing this page according to your needs.

Overview of all amazon vendor products in AMALYTIXOverview of all amazon vendor products in AMALYTIX

By clicking on the respective product title, you will be directed to te detail page of the product.

On the "Vendor Products" page, you can find the following information, among others:

  • Important product key figures can be captured at a glance (sales, availability, ratings etc.)
  • Which products are currently not available?
  • For which products does Amazon currently not have the Buybox?
  • Which products differ from the target situation in terms of content, e.g., title, bullet points, and description (content view)?
  • Which products currently do not meet your content requirements (Content View)?
  • How well are your products currently optimized (LQI)?
  • Which products does Amazon not reorder, if necessary, i.e., which products have a different replenishment code than "Planned Replenishment"?

Selection of Amazon products

Here, we present those products found in the report "Sales Diagnosis." The products are also automatically added to the "Watchlist." Only products on the watchlist are also monitored in terms of content or reviews. Therefore, you should not delete the products there. You can hide products from the "Vendor Products" page by clicking the closed-eye icon on the right.

Available columns or fields

AMALYTIX displays various critical figures for each product. You must show the corresponding column to see the respective value if necessary.

Click on the respective column header to sort by the individual column.

In addition to the self-explanatory columns, you will find the following information for each product.

  • Revenues last 30 days: This is the net sales from sales to Amazon in the last 30 days.
  • Change in percent: Change in sales in the last 14 days
  • Sales last 30 days: As with sales, this is the number of units sold per product in the last 30 days.
  • Buybox price: Current buybox price
  • Amazon Price: Current Amazon price
  • Lowest Prime Price: Lowest price of a Marketplace merchant that handles fulfillment via Prime.
  • Buybox seller: Fulfillment type of the current Buybox owner
  • Buybox owner: Name of the buybox owner
  • Amazon has an offer: yes, if Amazon has an offer
  • Reviews: Number of reviews on the listing
  • Product Description Type: Indicates whether the item has A+ or A+ premium content
  • Bestseller Rank: Bestseller rank of the product in the main category
  • Parent Rating: current rating of the product
  • Rating Top Reviews: average rating of the top reviews
  • Replenishment Code: This is the replenishment code that Amazon has on file for this product
  • Options: under Options you can add a comment or a To-Do

Click on "Expanded mode" at the top right to get detailed information in the "Product" column.

You will also see:

  • Main image
  • ASIN
  • EAN
  • Brand
  • Tags

Assign Tags

You may randomly assign Tags to any product and structure your products with those Tags. This allows you to, for instance, create cross-brand categories, tag new products, assign products to your coworkers, and much more. One product can be designated several tags.

To assign a tag, click on the + symbol. Later on, you may display products on top via the filter with a particular tag, thereby allowing you to keep an eye even on an extensive product range.

You can use the filter option to display products with a specific tag. This way, you can keep an overview even with large assortments.

Overview of the filter options in AMALYTIX

You may also assign tags to several products at once:

Assign tags to several products at once in AMALYTIX

Hiding Products

You may temporarily remove products that are not important to you from the overview page. Tag several products and click on Hide Selected Products.

Remove vendor products in AMALYTIX

You find the hidden products in Settings / Account / Hidden products.

Product detail page

Clicking on the respective product title will take you to the product's detail page:

Overview of the amazon product's detail page for vendors in AMALYTIX

With the help of the product detail page, you can quickly get a detailed picture of your products and track past developments.

On this page, you will get detailed information about the product detail page


Go back to the Vendor Products page and click on "Statistics". You will get to an overview where you can see various statistics about your products.

Amazon vendor statistics about the products in Amalytix

With the help of the statistics you can see:

  • The number of products per brand
  • The number of products per marketplace
  • The number of products per top-level category
  • The number of products per number of reviews
  • The number of products per rating and top reviews
  • The percentage of products for which Amazon has an offer
  • The number of products per replenishment code
  • The share of products that can be ordered in a savings subscription
  • The number of products per number of markets
  • The number of products with a minimum order quantity
  • The percentage of products with coupon badge
  • The percentage of products with an offer price
  • The revenues per brand
  • The revenues per category
  • The revenues per marketplace
  • The share of products per status (available or unavailable)
  • The share of products that have the Buybox (Seller, Amazon, Other)


  • Product listing price changed: Triggers when the buybox price has changed
  • Product listing sales price gone: Triggers when the sales price is not available anymore
  • Product listing sales price appeared: Triggers when sales price shows up
  • Amazon lost the buybox: Triggers if Amazon lost the buybox but had it before
  • Amazon won the buybox: Triggers if Amazon won the buybox but did not have it before
  • New seller detected: Triggers, when the number of sellers is greater than the number of sellers, checked last time
  • New Chinese seller detected: The hint appears when a dealer is attached to the offer that ships from China
  • Product content changed: Triggers when product content diverges from the saved product snapshot
  • Product replenishment code changed: Triggers when product replenishment code diverges from the previous value
  • Product classification changed: Triggers when a category, subcategory, or product group diverges from the previous value
  • Product lost in vendor catalog: Triggers if a product could not be found anymore in the Vendor's product catalog
  • New product found in vendor catalog: Triggers if a new product was found in the Vendor's product catalog

Go to Settings / Alerts to activate one or more of these alerts.

Available Amazon reports

You also have the option of exporting specific key figures as a report. To do so, go to the Vendor Products report and, if necessary, set the appropriate marketplace to narrow down the result.

Vendor products report

  • Description: current snapshot of all Vendor products
  • Type: Vendor
  • Category: Products

A list of all columns of the report Vendor Products can be found here →.