# Getting started

# Seller

# 1. Connect with the MWS Interface

If not already done so you need to connect your seller account to AMALYTIX so AMALYTIX has access to the MWS API on your behalf. Normally this is already included in the sign up process but if you need to do it again (e.g. if you are a Vendor and know you want to connect your new seller account) please follow the steps below. Otherwise you can skip this step and continue with selecting the alerts.

To connect AMALYTIX with the Amazon MWS API you will need your seller ID and the "Auth Token".

Click this link to create your token for the MWS authorization (You will need admin rights for Seller Central in order to execute this action).

Copy the following values into the form:

For Europe (Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain):

  • Name of the developer: AMALYTIX
  • Account number of the developer: 4969-2347-9708

For Northern America (USA, Canada, Mexico):

  • Name of the developer: AMALYTIX
  • Account number of the developer: 6633-2545-7819

Confirm the agreements and on the next page you will receive the values:

Once you have received your seller ID as well as your token for the MWS authorization, enter them into the registration form or enter them later under Settings / Amazon Account:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

The following data will be loaded now:

  • Order dates (every 30 minutes)
  • FBA inventory (every 24 hours)
  • Financial transactions (every 4 hours)
  • Listing information (every 24 hours)
  • Ranking information (every 24 hours)

# 2. Store the Seller Central User

If you wish to collect Sessions and Conversion Data as well, it will be necessary to add a Seller Central User and you can learn how to do it here

# Vendor

If you want to use the Vendor module you need to invite a special user to your Vendor Central account. Please contact our Support-Team for further instructions.

Alternatively you can use the Watchlist to monitor your products.

# Select Alerts

# Set global alerts and recipients

The next step will allow you under Settings / Alerts, which alerts you wish (do not wish) to receive. In addition, you may enter a separate e-mail address (or even several email addresses, separated by a comma), to which all alerts are sent once a day. Only those alerts are sent in this email that were ticked in the E-Mail column.

Furthermore, you may also be notified via Slack by entering the URL into your webhook. You can learn how to set up a webhook under: https://my.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook/

AMALYTIX Screenshot

# Store Keywords

It is now time to store search terms that are relevant to you for your most important products. Go to "Keywords / Rankings" and add your most relevant keywords for all your products here.

AMALYTIX Screenshot

The rankings of your products in the Amazon search results will now be tracked on a daily basis.

# Set your LQI settings

LQI stands for Listing Quality Index. Here we calculate a score for each listing from 0 to 100 based on your settings:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

This will also influence the coloring on our Content View:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

You will find more details about the Content View here.