# Amazon Seller Products

On this page, AMALYTIX will show you all of your products in the overview. Here are a few tips on how to customize this page according to your needs.

The following video gives you a good overview about this module:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

# Assign Tags

You may randomly assign Tags to any product and structure your products with those Tags. This allows you to, for instance, create cross-brand categories, tag new products, assign products to your coworkers and much more. One product can be assigned several tags.

In order to assign a tag, simply click on the + symbol. Later on, you may display products on top via the filter that have a certain tag, thereby allowing you to keep an eye even on a large product range.

You may also assign tags to several products at once:

# Hiding Products

You may temporarily remove products that are not important to you from the overview page. For a single product, click on the x in the column Options (3) or tag several products (1) and click on Hide Selected Products (2).

# Understanding the Listing Quality Index (LQI)

In order to provide you with a quick overview of the quality of a listing / offer, AMALYTIX assigns the following points as long as certain criteria are met:

  • The title length is between 150-200 characters (10 points)
  • There are at least six images (15 points)
  • There are at least two HD images (10 points)
  • All five attributes / bullet points are filled (15 points)
  • The bullet points do not exceed 1,000 bytes in total (10 points)
  • The product description is 1,000 characters long (10 points)
  • The product rating is 4 or better (15 points)
  • The product is offered via FBA (15 points)

If the condition of a point is not met, 0 points are awarded for that criterion. Currently you will not be able to directly see, in which categories a product has received points or not. This will be implemented at a later time.

# Content View

Click on the button "Content View" to get an overview on your listings content situation (Title, Bullets, Description etc.). This is available both for Seller Products and also for the Vendor Products page.

# LQI Compliance

In the first columns AMALYTIX indicates if your content is in compliance with your individual LQI settings.

AMALYTIX Screenshot

The column headers mean the following:

  • TL = Title Length
  • BC = Bullet Count
  • BL = Bullet Length
  • DT = Description Type
  • DL = Description Length
  • A+ = A+ or Enhanced Brand Content available
  • IC = Image Count
  • ICH = Image Count High-Res
  • VC = Video Count

A badge is colored green if it matches the rules set in your LQI settings. Its red if not and grey if this LQI setting has been disabled.


If you mouse over the element you will get additional information.

AMALYTIX Screenshot

You get a "diff" for each snapshot which differs from the current version.

Use the multi-select tool to download the snapshot of the selected products, e.g. to transfer them back to Amazon:

# Snapshots

In the second part you can see if your uploaded snapshots match with the current version of your listing:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

The abbreviations mean the following:

  • TI = Title
  • BU = Bullet Points / Highlights
  • DE = Description

# Other

The last 2 columns show you on how many markets this product has been listed and the total LQI value.

AMALYTIX Screenshot