# Settings

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Please note that some screenshots are still in German. We are working on it!

Under Settings you will be able to select various settings concerning your account with AMALYTIX.

# General Items

Please enter your data here in order for you to be able to - if you booked a fee-based plan - receive an invoice with your invoice address and correct sales tax. In addition, you will be able to Change your Password as well as your Standard Currency.

# Membership

Here you will be able to see which plan you are currently on and how to use it at present.

In order to switch to a fee-based plan, you must first store a new credit card. No credit card data are stored on our server and we use Stripe as payment processor.

You have the choice of monthly or annual billing and annual billing entitles you to a rebate.

# Invoices

Here you will be able to see all your invoices and download them as PDF.

# Amazon Seller Account

Here you can store your MWS Data (Seller-ID and Auth Token), which AMALYTIX needs in order to access various reports. How to connect your account is explained here.

# Invite a Seller Central User

In order to access review, session and conversion data, AMALYTIX needs a Seller Central User, that has access to "Orders" and "Business Reports".

This is how you can create a Seller Central User:

  1. In AMALYTIX, you will find under User Account / Amazon Seller Account / Seller Central User the email address used to invite the user to Seller Central:
  1. In Seller Central, you invite the user under Settings / User Rights:
  1. As soon as AMALYTIX has accepted the invitation (which can take some time), you must confirm the user:
  1. On the next page you will also need to grant the user the necessary rights:
  1. Now confirm in AMALYTIX that the installation has been completed

# Sales Tax

Here you can set up which sales tax should be considered for marketplace.

# Alerts

Here you will be able to set up, which alerts you would like to receive and how to receive them. Simply select the appropriate alerts and indicate if this type of note should also be included in the daily email.

In addition, you may define an email address to which the emails are to be sent. In case several addressees are to receive the email, it is recommended to choose an email address that will forward the emails to several recipients.

AMALYTIX Screenshot

# Hidden Products

Here you will find the products you selected and "hid" on the "Seller products" page. If you right-click on the symbol, you can make the products visible in the front.

# Negative Keywords

If you wish to be notified if certain keywords appear in your listing, you may enter them here:

# LQI settings

Set your individual LQI settings here. Here you can define, e.g. how long your titles should be, how many images your listings should have as a minimum and much more.

AMALYTIX Screenshot

Those settings will be used to

  • Calculate your LQI score (0 - 100) for each listing
  • Define the green / red colors in your content view (see below).

This will also influence the coloring on our Content View:

AMALYTIX Screenshot

You will find more details about the Content View here.

# Monitor other sellers' prices

If you want to monitor other sellers' prices please activate it for the respective product list: