Amazon alert: Negative keyword found in the listing

When is the "Negative keyword found in the listing" alert triggered?

If a so-called "negative keyword" defined by you is found in the listing, this alert is triggered. You can store keywords here to avoid warnings.

The following elements are searched:

  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Description
  • A+ Content

The negative keywords can be stored here.

Amazon alert negative keyword

You can find more information about warnings on Amazon in our help page on the topic of "negative keywords".

What additional information does the alert provide?

We show you which keyword was found in which position.

On the "Alerts" page you will find all the alerts that AMALYTIX has created for the "Negative keyword found in the listing" alert. Click on the respective entry to display further information.

For whom is the alert available?

The alert is available for both sellers and vendors.

How do I activate the alert?

Under "Settings / Alerts", go to the alerts that are already available and activate the corresponding alert "Negative keyword found in the listing" under "Select alert types".